Can I Change Your Filter

I was doing something on the computer the other day when I heard my door bell ring. Without thinking I jumped up to answer the door. It was the maintenance guy here to change my filter. After I opened the door to let him in I realized that I was nude from the waste down. He got a really good look front and back.  

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5 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Lucky maintenance guy!

Is your filter still in place ?

Good! I'm a plumber and that's always been a fantasy of mine! I have seen someone answer the door wearing nothing but a sheet before. Then I saw her naked, but she didn't offer any assistance. Her dad was right there so nothing happened.

I assure you he got a good look

Did you help him at all? If it was under the kitchen sink, maybe you could have tested it for him by standing over him and running the water.