Wife's Nip Slip At Company Convention

We just got back from a five day convention with my company in Orlando. My wife went with me so she could rest and sit by the pool while I was attending the various seminars during the day.

Of course, she forgot to pack her swim suit, so I bought her two bikinis in the hotel gift shop. She is about 5'2" with 34DD breasts and looks great for a 61 year old (more like 40).

On Monday, my schedule was light for the afternoon, so I returned to the hotel and joined my wife by the pool. She was wearing a stunning black bikini and asked that I rub in the tanning lotion. First the front and she tanned for about 30 minutes in that position, then turned over to get some on her back. I undid the straps and rubbed in the lotion and she laid there for quite a while.

I looked over at her and she was hooking the straps back and sat up (she wanted me to get her a drink) and then I noticed that the left cup of her top wasn't pulled up and her nipple was shining in the sun. There were a lot of people around and I am sure that someone got a good look. Of course, I didn't tell her right away as I was taking it all in.

Then, later that evening, we had an awards celebration that is business dress or better (men wear a tux). She was wearing a really pretty sundress with a short crochet type top in case she got cold. We found our seats for the ceremony and she started to speak with another of the attendees (a man). He was standing and she was twisted around looking over her left shoulder to speak with him. I was not really paying attention because I was looking for friends that we were supposed to meet (there were 6,800 people there). I turned back to look at her an noticed that her right nipple had slipped out of her dress. I know other people saw this because I told her immediately that she was lighting up the room, and at the same time, one of the girls working as an usher bent over and said that she had seen what happened and that my wife might want to be careful because there were video cameras all over the place and she probably did'nt want her high beams on the big screen.

I loved it.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Nice story......I happened to be there, at the convention all 5 days, but not the award ceremony. It was a nice time but too bad I wasn't at the pool with you. :)<br />
"Club Red"

First the left then the right, equal nipple exposure opportunist.