Meet the Family

Love is maybe a bit strong but accidental nudity can certainly lead to some memorable life experiences. They can cause a good laugh at the time and sometimes lasting consequences. Like most people, I've been caught out myself and had the questionable pleasure of watching it happen to other unfortunate people!

My most memorable must be on the first occassion I stayed with my future husband's parents.

He had brought his girlfriend (me) from college back to meet his family. He had already told them how close we had become and that I might be 'the one'.

On the first morning I got up to go for a shower. I knew my boyfriend also wanted a shower, so rather than hang around in the bathroom getting dressed I wrapped a big towel round myself and headed back to the bedroom.

I heard a voice from the kitchen - my future mother-in-law - did I want anything special done for breakfast? I stuck my head round the door and most of the extended family were already seated. Three generations and about 10 people. I said anything would do. Then I was offered a mug of tea to take back with me to keep me going until I returned for breakfast. That sounded good. So I stepped into the kitchen and reached out with both hands to take the mug which being handed to me.

You can guess what happened next!

Just as I took the warm mug in my hands, still moving forward, I felt the towel snag on the door handle. A split second later it fell to the floor leaving me totally naked. The thought did cross my mind to drop the mug and cover myself! Instead I reversed gracefully back out the door, mug still outstetched before me and held firmly with both hands. You could say, I had no secrets now from them 'on that front'. I have never been allowed to forget my 'introduction' to his family!

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8 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Awesome! Like the way you handled that ;)

Wish i could see that wonderful naked body.

That is a wonderful story.<br />
no secrets hidden.

What a great story. Nothing like baring it all for your future family, no secrets hidden. lol

It's summer time in the southern hemisphere and what better way to celebrate the summer season, indeed the festive one, by forgetting one's nudity and traipse around the house and backyard in the buff. Add to the fact I've been working on losing weight- still have another 5 kilos to shed - and I won't care in the least who gets an eyeful. I'll look great in the sun, taking precautions to protect vital parts from smoking. Ahhh, to be caught.

I kinda like this one. I've often promised myself something along those lines, but of course, I love being naked around the house and going out the back door to the backyard. But I wish that I could find the balls to forget that I was nude and answered the door. God how erotic that could be.

story was great babes, love to hear more of your stories and who say what<br />
<br />
D xxxx

great story!!!!!!!!!! wish I were there!!haha