Happy Accidents

accidental nudity.. happend so many times both ways. But what i want to share is the lastest experience that was so incredible, noone believed it was "an accident":

i have a kitty at my country house, she got babies. i was looking fr people to adopt them. Spammed all my YM list and waited. I got a message from someone not on my list, a former colleague(girl) that heard about the little kittens from a common friend in my list. When it was the day to bring her the cat, she invited me all the sudden to watch her webcam and show me a little tiny doggie. She got it as a present from her boyfriend. Problem was, that means no mre cat adoption. Now the gurl was just coming back from her parents where she was for easter, had luggage all over the room, clothes thrown everywhere, a mess.

Her phone rongs, she escused, and answered. As she was talking at the phone, she started walk around the room.then the door belll . She went out the room. I waited and waited.. then i thought there is no use in waiting, i understood she won;t adopt the cat , i went to kitchen to take something to eat. Totally forgot about her. done lots of things in house.

 Came back almost one hour later, to check computer. Shock! the (beautiful) girl was standing right in front of her desk, underessing. Every piece of clothes was thrown on the desk chair. I was fascinated. Never thought she will totally undress, when i saw her in panties and bra i almost had no air in lungs. She did undress until totally naked, then OMG she started to clean around the room naked, collecting clothes that needed washing. then went in all kind of positions looking for clean clothes in drawers , most of them floor-level.  Then my personal perv god considered i got enough and i need something to cool down my erection, so my PC freezed. Tell you the truth, i was so close to crying.

later after computer reset, i asked her if she did that on purpose. I received a list of most strong curses in the world, and a YM "ignore".  :( what was my bad ? i only did what any normal human being would've done" i looked with eyes as big as a plate.

I wish that "accident" wou;d happend again with another girls, but i realise that is probably a "once on a lifetime". will have to live with memories.

Amadis Amadis
31-35, M
1 Response May 25, 2009

to freeze your computer in the middle of the show and lose image? well... crying was a bit exagerated, but the frustration was maximum.