Exposed In The Hospital

     Several years ago while at my annual gynecological visit, my Gynecologist thought felt a knot when he was examining me, and scheduled me for a TVU.  I had the TVU done, and it did show some type of growth they thought might be an ovarian cyst.  I was scheduled to go into the hospital day procedure to have a have a biopsy.

     The day of the procedure, they did all the preliminaries, height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, took some blood samples, and had me get undressed and put on a gown.  The gown was one of those flimsy cotton hospital gowns that are open in the back, and have the ties at the neck and the middle of the back.

     The took me to the holding area of the day procedure, and had me lie on a gurney, and they put a hep lock in my arm.  The nurse explained the procedure to me, and told me all hat was going to happen, and not to worry about any thing.  She said she was going to give me something that would make me feel "giddy".  The nurse asked me if I had any questions, and I said I didn't know.  She then positioned my legs, and told me the orderly would be here in a few minutes to take me back to the day procedure room.  I was lying flat on my back with my legs we open, and my knees bent.  There was a curtain on either side of me, but anyone walking in front of me, could see under my gown between my legs.  I laid there for I don't know how long, and there were doctors, nurses ans clerks, even the housekeeper, walking by, and I would notice them taking a quick look in my direction.  I remember someone standing there asking me about medical information, and I was sure they were getting a good view

     The orderly came back, and he stood there talking with me for a while, and he was standing right there the whole time looking between my legs, as we talked.  The nurse came back and said they were ready, and the orderly pushed me back to the room.  As he was pushing the gurney, he was looking between my my legs and smiling.  When we got to the room, he helped me on the table, and there were doctors and nurses there.  I do not remember much about anything else after that, but I remember doctors and nurses coming back and lifting up my gown to check me before they told me I was ready to go home.

     Even though I was medicated some at the time, I found the experience a little embarrassing, and quite exciting at the same time, not knowing who all was getting a good view between my legs.

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at the hospital you're a public peep show for everyone who wants to look

After having a hernia open recently I had to return to have the wound cleaned. I was told to remove my trousers by the nurse and purposely removed my underpants too. Accepting that the nurse had seen it all before I knew she wouldn't be embarrassed but I loved it. After climbing up on the bed she placed a paper modesty sheet over my genitals which I purposely wriggled so it fell on the floor. She then proceeded to clean the wound area with my penis on full show. As the op was only a week earlier my penis and testicles were still black with bruising which gave me a great opportunity to question the nurse over the extent of the bruising and refer to my penis as I showed her.
At a later appointment to remove the stitches I tried the same stunt again but a different nurse stopped me removing my underpants and performed her task with them still on. I was disappointed but the memory of the first occasion still gives me an erection.

It happen to all of us in a hospital at some time or another. It happen to my wife also. If you want to see naked people visit a hospital. The staff could care less about modesty. It ****** me off.

It's happened to both my wife and I more than once in the hospital. We both found it to be embarassing at the time, but both now admit now to being excited by it.

i have laso been exposed in hospital,

Most medical staff are numb to nudity. I think that's why we hear stories like yours. The staff gets busy and they forget to close curtains or put sheets over naked parts of the bodies. What they give you to wear is useless.

Nice story Kim....thank you...

what a rush, to be exposed like that and to know that it has absolutely nothing to do with you. no guilt, no remorse, no control or choice. Magical

Similar things happened to my wife, I've never been sure if she got a thrill out of it or not, Whenever I ask her about it, she always acts like it was nothing to her, but I still cant help but think she liked the attention.

Wow, I wish I was there.

that sounds so cool.i wish that i could have that view too!!!

Sounds like they did everything but put a spot light on it. If you are in that "position" again (and I hope you aren't) have them put a tip jar at the edge of the gurney.

yea and my new job may be just that.....thanks kim

Thank you, everything did come out all right. I know the doctors and nurses see it all the time, but seems like others took advantage of the situation, but it did turn out to be exciting.

Something similar happened to me with some abdominal surgery. It seemed at random times a nurse would come into the room, pull back the sheets low enough to expose everything to check. That experience removed a lot of modesty of my body.

very nice story.... glad to hear all was well i hope ? as you didnt mention it? anyway love your story and im really sure everyone had a beautiful day after seeing your smooth ***** as you lay there know dr's and nurse's have seen so much they dont think twice and when you go and they set you up like that not thinking of your modesty it is embarresing but i agree its a lil exciting as well!!!

Of course buddhawannabe. lol

Were you shaved?

That sounds like a wonderful experience knowing you were exposed to so many

Excellent story, Kimberly Ann. I got a tingle listening to you talk about your tingle :-)<br />
<br />
If you enjoy stories about medical exposure, take a look at the one I posted "Phony Doctor Examined My Wife?' Hope you enjoy it.

Sounds like a good time was had by all.