I Just Love To Show Off

A few years ago I was out of town visiting an old girlfriend. She lived near a beach on the west  coast near San Diago. She and her husband had to go to work and I was left alone for the day so I went down to the beach and found an isolated spot thinking I would get some sun and read a little. At first I left my suit on but as I warmed up and got more comfortable that I was alone I undressed. The sun on me felt great, I read and relaxed. I must have feel asleep for just a couple of minutes and when I awoke there was a group of young guys looking down at me.  They where obviously military, short hair, clean cut types that couldn't be older than 21. I tried to act cool, like I was used to being naked in front of groups of men so I just said hello. I could see they had a cooler and had beers in their hands so I asked for one. We talked for a long time and after several beers one of them undresed and laid down on a beach towel next to me. He had a great body, trim and muscular and I could feel myself getting excited.

The beach started to fill up and I got nervous thinking we would get caught and get in trouble, also I was starting to burn so I just put on my wrap. It covered me but anyone could tell I was naked under it. I told the guys that I needed to go and got up. They offered to walk me back to my house but I declined. I didn't feel comfortable letting them know where my friend lived. They told me they had rented a beach house nearby and wanted to know if I would like to come over. We walked down the beach together, four marines carrying a beer cooler and one woman with only a thin wrap covering her. I was sure all the women on the beach where thinking I was such a **** but I wouldn't ever see any of them again so who cares!

Their place was a two story overlooking the beach, typical guy cave though! The inside was a little messy, empty beer cans and pizza boxes, pictures of naked women on the walls, a few clothes around etc. It also had a deck that gave a great view of the ocean. I sat out there under a umbrella and asked if they had any wine. I was thinking that if I kept drinking beer I would get bloated, not a good thing for a girl to get when she is with men ten years younger than her. One guy said he would look  and asked me what kind, I said anything would do and he came back with something out of a box, what you would expect from a bunch of young guys but it was good.

The breeze  and the salt air felt good but out of the sun I was getting a little cold and my nipples where showing it. I could tell the guys noticed and liked it, my nipples have always gotten huge in the cold and I have used them to turn on a lot of men!  After all that beer and wine, sitting in the sun, wind and sand I felt really grimy so I asked I could take a quick shower. They had a shower on the balcony next to the hot tub. There I asked? Can't anyone passing by see me? They put up a screen to shield me from the beach but not from them, I could tell they where looking forward to a show. I got under the water and soaped up, washing all the sand, sweat and salt from my body, getting turned on knowing these guys where watching. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them I saw two of them getting ready to join me. I just smiled as one offered to do my back. He started scrubbing as the other stood in front of me. It didn't take long before their hands where all over me.

I could feel the tip of an erection in the small of my back and the guy in front of me was rock hard, I grabbed it with my soapy hands and started cleaning it while he was kissing me. I rinsed it off and bent over and put it in my mouth. The guy behind me inserted himself into me and I let his back and forth motion control my oral service to the other guy, I just concentrated on keeping my lips in the right place and trying not to gag to much. This didn't last long before I got a mouthfull of his juice. That was quick I thought but another guy took his spot for a few mintues. Soon my legs became weak and the guy that had been behind me picked me up and carried me inside. We did everthing imaginable for the rest of the day until the guys where spent and I was exhausted. Before I left they asked me if I would mind if they took pictures, I must have been drunk because I let them. I am sure my pictures are next to the naked pictures of women on their walls which is a big turn on for me.

I had to leave the next day for home and believe me the plane seat was really uncomfortable as I was sore from a day of wild sex with all those young men. I exchanged email addreses with them and got copies of the pictures, I look at them sometimes and remember what a great day it was when the Marines landed on Mt. Tracy.

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really hot

Why should you feel shame. No one got hurt and you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing

I would love to hear and see more. This sounds like something a bunch of friends and I did in Virginia Beach when I was in the Navy. Please add me as a friend!

Congrats on 4 young men and if you want to ever repeat I could try to help you out I don't live by a beach but I live on a farm with almost no nieghbors by mr and we can do whatever you would want with no lookers but if you want some I know a place.

Wonderful, Tracy, wonderful. You are a lovely girl.<br />
You and the soldiers have great memoriesof that day.

Suprisingly I feel no shame from doing this!