Window Watchers Welcome Here

There are a section of people who walk down the street looking into every window they pass, I dont know what they hope to see, but if they are doing it down my way I make sure they see more than they thought they would, by accident of course.

I like to work out with small dumbell weights to keep myself trim,I love to do so naked. I position myself in my bay window where there is a possibility for being seen, though I am very careful when there are kids about.

Couple of weeks ago I was doing my routine when I saw a woman walking down our street glancing into all the windows as she passed. I moved closer to the window and carried on doing my weights, turning slightly so that all I had would be in full view.

Sure enough, as she drew level with my window she glanced in.. and I know she saw me by the way her eyes popped out her head and her jaw hit the pavement. She kept on walking by and I felt a bit let down, however a couple of minutes later the same woman was walking back up the road on the opposite side, cast a glance to ensure I was still there, and carried on right up to the top of the road.

She `pretended` to look around for someone who obviously didnt exist, then very slowly made her way back down the road staring into my window while trying hard to appear not to be staring into my window. Needless to say I was getting pretty hard by now, cos she was no youngster, but she wasnt bad either, and she was making all sorts of efforts to see me naked, so I let her.

I pretended not to notice her looking at me, and I made a point of doing my `weights above the head and hold` routine. She stopped directly across from my window, leaned against the wall of the garden opposite and took out a ciggie, lit it up, glanced around a couple of times, then fastened straight onto my window. About six ciggies later she gave up all pretense of being there casually, and just watched me, so I gave her a show I hope she`s still frigging herself to today, I also gave up any pretense of doing my weights and let her know I was aware she was watching by very slowly stroking myself to a solid erection, then I took my hand away and stood at my window with the thing pointing at the ceiling allowing her to look at my hard **** at her leisure.

I took myself in hand again and slow wanked myself just for her, rubbing my balls, stroking my **** all as she stood and watched. Eventually I felt myself build, and indicated to her by closing my eyes and gritting my teeth that I was about to squirt. She pushed of the wall and walked across the road to stand right outside my window just as I blasted a jet of *** all over the glass right in front of her. I stood and allowed her to have a good look at my ****, which she did, then I  turned round to let her see my ***, stood for a minute or so like that, then walked away into the bathroom.When I came out she had gone, but I bet she aint forgotten what she saw that day...and neither have I

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Man, that's ******' HOT!