My Wife Gave The Repairman A Good Look At Her Naked 40ddd ****

My wife flashed our furniture repairman yesterday.  I don’t know if it was accidental or not, but it gave me an instant woody.  This is what happened.  We purchased some furniture for our master bedroom/office.  It was delivered several months ago, but a couple of cabinet doors had to be adjusted, something the delivery guys couldn’t do.  The furniture store scheduled a repairman to come between 8 and 12. 

My wife and I had both forgotten about it, but it wasn’t something we had to remember anyway because we planned to be home.  When we saw a man walking up our front walk, neither of us thought about it being the scheduled repairmen.  I should say that my wife is a 40DDD and she almost always goes braless when we are home together.  She knows I enjoy it and she says it is more comfortable than putting a bra on what she calls her “whoppers.”  She truly does have a beautiful pair of ****.

As I headed toward the door to greet the man, my wife pined up our large protective dog.  Of course I was hoping my wife would stay braless, which she does on occasion.  However, unknown to me, my wife went into the bedroom, took off her shirt in order to put on a bra.  I walked the man through the living room and into our master bedroom to discover that my wife had removed her shirt, and as a lot of gals do, had her bra on backwards while she was fastening the clasp below her breasts.  Her beautiful **** were totally exposed, and to top it off, she was facing the doorway. 

I was surprised and no doubt the repairman was also.  In hindsight I expected my wife to do something, either say something, or put her arms over her breasts or to at least turn around, but she simply continued to work on her clasp, while she looked at us looking at her naked **** in full view.  Granted the situation lasted three or maybe four seconds, but count it off, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four.., that is a nice long time to be showing off her totally naked **** to a perfect stranger.

Like a dumbass, I finally found my tongue and eyeballs, which I had to retrieve from the floor (figuratively speaking), and I told the repairman that we had to wait a minute.  As I turned to take a step back from the doorway, I saw him looking over my shoulder, getting another good look at my wife’s naked ****.  He was smiling. 

It was completely out of character for my wife, as although my wife shows off her **** a lot, she only does it because she knows how much I want her to do so.  I can’t recall if my wife was smiling at us or not, but then I guess that makes sense as I wasn’t looking at her face; I couldn’t get my eyes off of her big beautiful naked ****.

The repairman and I took a step back.  I glanced over my shoulder to see what my wife was up to and she hadn’t moved, not even to turn her back toward us.  Her naked whoppers were still in full view.  When I turned back toward the repairman, he was stretching up on his toes to look over me to get another look at my wife’s show.  I looked back around to see if my wife was still letting him see her exhibition and she was, but after a second, she walked off toward the bathroom, and we couldn’t see her.

The repairman was smiling as I walked him into the bedroom and showed him what had to be done with the cabinets.  After he was finished, I asked my wife to confirm the work was okay.  Of course she was fully dressed by then.  He did a good job on the cabinets.  They smiled at each other as she opened the front door to let him out.  No doubt, he’ll keep that escapade in his memory for life.

After he left, I jokingly fondled my wife’s **** and told her how good she had done.  I also told her if I knew she was going to let him see her **** naked, we could have planned it better, perhaps getting it on video or making it last longer, or something.  She knew I had a hard-on and she smiled as she told me I needed to cool off.

Was it accidental, heck, I don’t know.  If it was, it was very nice.  If it wasn’t, it was very thoughtful of my wife.  When I asked my wife if it was accidental or planned on her part, she just smiled.  Maybe she’ll tell me later.

It might not have been fantastic, but it was pretty darn nice.

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Based on what you've written, it was quite plainly intentional on her part. If it was unintentional, 1) She would have heard you approaching before you got to the room and covered up then. 2) If she didn't, she would have covered herself up or turned around as soon as you entered the room. 3) She would have apologized to you after it happened.

I once had a similar thing happen to me. My wife and I had a friend of mine and his wife over to our house. I had to go to the bathroom and walked into it. The door was unlocked and was partially open. My friend's wife was in the bathroom with her top and bra off facing the door. When I walked in on her, she just stood there facing me. Within a second or two, I apologized, turned around, and walked out. I wondered if it was intentional on her part. For instance, why would she have her top and bra off in the bathroom? I feared that she would tell her husband, and that he would be angry with me. So I told him about it first, letting him know that It was an accident on my part. He just laughed in disgust and said that I shouldn't worry. He said that she always does stuff like that. He soon divorced her. Apparently, he wasn't into her being a tease like that.

Wonderful wife, either way!

I would love to show her pictures and I have plenty, but she won't allow her pictures to be out there, with or without her face and with or without clothes. I haven't given up trying though.

Very hot story, as are your others too. You are a man after my own heart. By the way, when are we to see some pics of these super 40DDDs???

Great story--I'm sure she made his day. It sounds like she made your day too. Very hot story!

I wouldn't take your bet. I imagine you're right. It could be fun hearing his version.

I think he was lucky too and based on his smiles, I'd say he thought the same thing. If I'd had enough nerve, I would have asked him if he liked the show, but I didn't think of it at the time.