Not Really Accidental

I used to have a storage shed that I kept a bunch of stuff in.  It was a place I kept stuff I didn't have room for and wasn't sure I wanted to get rid of.  My unit was one in a sea of rental units at this storage facility.  One day I went over there to sort out the junk and clean the place up.  It was a hot day in the middle of summer and I was sweating like crazy in that shed.  I hadn't seen anyone for the hour I had been there and rarely saw anyone there any way.  So I decided to do the work in the nude.  I ******** down and went about my business of sorting what I wanted to keep and putting what I didn't want in a pickup.  Being nude is natural for me, so I was very comfortable with how I wasn't dressed.  I was there for a couple of hours, in and out of the storage shed.  Moving stuff around in the truck so I could fit more in.  I didn't see anyone else and really didn't give it a second thought.  When I was done, I put my clothes back on because I didn't bring a towel to sit on.  I was covered with dirt and sweat and didn't want to smear that all over my seats.  As I pulled up to the gate to leave, the manager flagged me down.  Apparently a couple members of his staff saw me.  He saw me working nude and oh yeah.... he could see me on the security cameras.  I had no idea.  He said he wasn't going to call the police or kick me out.  He realized it was hot that day, but in his opinion, not hot enough to get naked.  I explained I was a nudist and being nude was natural for me.  He asked me to stay dressed at his facility because of the chance I might be seen by another renter with kids.  For the rest of the time I rented space there I tried to comply (mostly, but not always).

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Mar 9, 2010