They Saw More Of Me Then I Ment.

It all started with a trip to a conventions in Denver. Some good friends of mine said i had to stay with them.The con. started on Friday and would end on Sunday  I got there Thursday evening. Ted got up and went to work about 6am ,but the con did start tell 9:30am so i sleep in. around 8am; i remember that Kathy had said he help her mother in the morning around 7:30 tell about 9:00am and that she be in her mom house if i need her. as looked out the door there was know one there so went to shower and after i was done i did even think as i walked back drying my hair and did not see Kathy and her mom siting on the porch tell i turned to close the door and saw both watching me thought the window with big smile on there face i closed the door very quickly. got dressed they tasted me all that evening and the next day as well. i was living tell Monday morning Ted was off  but got called to work just to pick up so paper to read for the next day. he said he be back in plenty of time to take me to the airport. So i got up and had ever thing ready as walk to say good by i heard Kathy and her mom talking that maybe they should have tasted me so much they mite have gotten another;( look or two at me. that gave me an idea i walked back in to the bedroom and change my clothes and did close the door look to see if then were looking and they were. as came out they said very nice we souled do this again and we give you a show as well if you like may be even a quick flash now. Just then Ted walk in ready to go he said  Well next time said her mom and Kathy said yup next we show a lot more. What said Ted .Oh we were just saying said Kathy,that next time we have to show him more around here they just a ride form here to the hotel Oh so true, well off we go. We left for the airport.

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

well i guess there all talk and no show i retured to my freinds home this last weekend and the best i got was some pany flashing I think they get any more tell i see more!!