A Few Stories.

I love being nude, but I'm aware that not everyone loves seeing me nude. But accidental nudity gives me the joy of nudity without the major discomfort of others.  I honestly couldn't pick just one, so here's a couple of experiences I had involving accidental nudity:

  • When I am wearing clothes around the house, something I'm usually wearing is a pair of jeans that I wear just below my cheeks (either with a belt or with my hands always in the pocket holding them up to prevent them from falling completely off.) OR sweat pants with the back folded below my cheeks with a T-shirt which covers my exposed backside with no underwear. Well, sometimes I forget that some people would consider this a "lack of clothing" because to me, it's more clothes than I usually wear. Well, once when I had some people over, I did forget what exactly I was wearing. It came to a point where, for some reason I can't remember, I had to jump up to get something. I did, and my shirt rode up and all my friends got a look at my bare ***. Funnier still, my shirt stayed ridden up for a little while and I didn't notice! My friends didn't seem to mind, especially the guys...haha.


  • Similar story to above, I was wearing a skirt and T-shirt with nothing on underneath. We were outside and the wind began blowing rather violently at one point and my skirt flew up and my butt was, once again, exposed to everyone there. When we all wnet inside ebcause of the wind, my friends kept grabbing my skirt to tease me and make my rear-end show some more. I didn't mind haha.


  • Once I was wearing a small low-cut shirt over some friend's house and my shirt got stuck on a hook sticking out. It literally tore it in half. I wasn't wearing a bra and had no extra shirt. Plus, my friend's clothes size was even smaller than that shirt was, so I had to go the rest of the day topless. I was fine with that haha.


  • Another time, I was walking around my house in the nude when a friend (not a good friend, someone I barely knew) opened the door without even knocking. She was quite embarrassed, even though I wasn't. I told her to come in anyway and we talked on my couch for a little while, but then she said it was too weird talking to me when I was indecent. I told her she could just get naked too, but she didn't go for that.
  • This one happened back when I was 17 and still lived with my parents. It was a hot day in summer and I was exhausted and dying to just ***** down. I walked into my room and just laid down on my bed where I took everything off and threw it all toward my door. My clothes went into the hallway. It didn't click at first to me, but I accidentally left the door open. I got up to go pick up my clothes and close it and my older sister met me at the door haha. She just laughed at me.


  • Probably my favorite story here, this also happened when I lived with my parents. I was swimming in the pool in our backyard, and I was naked. My mom told me hundreds of times not to skinny dip in our pool, because she knew I loved being nude, she just wanted me to keep it indoors if I had to be in my birthday suit. I figured no one would notice anyway and I could put my bikini back on before I had to get out. At one point with NO warning, my mother ran out of the house and dove into the pool! I knew she'd be upset, so I kinda huddled myself in the corner in what was probably the most nervous moment of my life. But she swam over to me and noticed. She was upset haha. But she got over it when I explained how no one could see me and how I slipped my bikini on and off in the pool. She was satisfied with my answer and... ummm... she took hers off too haha. I swear, she did! It was so weird, being naked in a pool with my mom who was ALSO naked! Oh, and THEN my mom called my SISTER as mentioned above down to the pool. She told her to get in with us, and she noticed we both were naked. It took some convincing, but she went bare and got in too! Then my dad was instructed to get a camera and take our picture! AND HE DID. I have it, farmed in my house. Me, my mom, and my sis bare-assed and in our pool smiling. Ah most people probably see that as really weird but I don't care! I thought it was fun... and also weird haha.
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Have you tried also the pants/skirt getting stuck into anything (fence,hook) while you're no panties? It would be exciting to you trying to get loose and the pants/skirt ripping, resulting the rest of the time naked waist down!

wow and the great visuals continue, having problems to concentrate now at the office.. thanks sweetie


Great stories. And I'm sure there is no one who doesn't like to see you nude!

You can come over to my place anytime. And remember, here clothing is totally optional!

Great story! Do you mind posting the pic that your dad took at the pool?

It sounds like a great bonding experance and a great time for all of you.

Great stories plz add me

Great stories more men and women should go naked and stop thinking it's wrong love it

Love your stories. I feel the same as you do about nudity. It's ruined by narrow minded people.....but I don't let them ruin it for me.

Would love to see the photo dad took of you, Mom, and Sis.

LOVE the swimming story. That is just precious!!!!

Beautiful story. Nothing wrong with nudity. It's a natural sate that so many think is "dirty". The human body is a wonderful creation.

Its too bad people think naked is weird. Enjoy yourself, I do! Don't worry about what they think, just enjoy your freedom!

Huge bonus to having your own pool is being able to skinny dip any time.

Best part of owning a pool is you can decide the dress code. I love when I know my neighbors are peeping

I'm (almost) always nude in my home & back yard. And I frequently open the front door naked. I do keep something by the door to put on in case it's someone I don't recognize but sometimes I just open the door anyway!<br />
<br />
I'm a Cop's Kid so I have the perfect solution: One of Daddy's old uniform shirts. It's long enough to (mostly) cover my naughty bits and sends a "don't mess with me" message. Several years ago one of my friends dared me to clip off all of the buttons so I did and that's the way it has been ever since! Tee hee.

I love how you and your mom and sister can climb into the pool and swim naked without caring and without any sexual thoughts and just having fun. You inspire me to try skinny dipping. Is it better to do it alone on your first time skinny dipping? I walk around my home naked all the time. I feel so free. Do you always walk around naked now that everybody knows? I just love your stories and i'm eager to try skinny dipping. I will share my experience with you once I try it.

Sure wish i could see the photo's that your dad took.

Too bad your Dad didn't join in.

Those are GREAT stories. You are like a little child running around naked all the time. I am often naked in the privacy of my own apt. . If it is too cold, I usually just have sweats and a t-shirt on (no underwear). Or maybe just boxers. Once I had just the boxers on when the UPS woman knocked on the door. I opened it and actually stepped out to sign for the package before I realized all I was wearing was a flimsy pair of boxers. I apologized to her. She was smiling (I am kinda cute, in shape, longish hair) and just said "no problem". <br />
Another time I guess the toilet was running in my apt.. I didn't notice, but the woman downstairs came up to have me fix it. I answered the door in just my sweatpants. They are old and threadbare. The entire time we talked I noticed she just stared at my crotch area. No kidding. I waited till she left and went to the mirror and I must say they were maybe a bit revealing. Maybe certain areas were accentuated, ahem. I guess she wasn't offended as she invited me to her place to share a bottle of wine after that time. Nothing much happened though.

Lovely story. I love to swim in our pool naked. Especially on s hot summers night. Best way to cool down.

Nice stories, are these your most exposed times or just the ones that stick with you the most when you think about this?<br />
<br />
Also that had to be pretty cool that your family joined you in the pool and a picture to remember it is even better.

yes... please post some pictures.

can i respectfully ask that you add me so i can accidentally see your pics please?

You could call it that but something about your sexy personality tells me you like being caught on purpose!

Ahh... true... It was accidental that I was caught though.

there wasn't too much accidental about the pool episode, but i luv it! i'd like to know how it ends.

No, sadly. One time thing.