Too Big Of A Hurry

A friend of mine was going to pick me up for a movie.  I had gotten behind and wasn't ready when she arrived.  And by ready, I mean dressed.  The door bell rang and I was rushing around trying to get off the phone and finish a sandwich.  I went to the door, opened it and told her to come on in and that I would be ready in a second.  I finished my phone call, walked back into the kitchen to hang up the phone when it dawned on me there were two people in my living room, not one.  She had invited another friend to join us.  I had to walk back infront of them to get to my bedroom and apologized as I did.  Her friend seemed amused and said she didn't know that my place was rated "R".   I told her just for nudity.  She didn't have to worry about violence or hearing an endless cycle of "F Bombs"... although F Bombs were running through my mind at the time. 

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Mar 15, 2010