Acoustic Is The Best

Acoustic just gives you that vibe. Like an orgasmic sensation without it being all sexual if you get what I'm saying. It can make you cry. It can make you fall in love. I make acoustic versions of everything. I've made acoustic versions of 'pressure' 'fixed at zero' and many more. I fall in love with my guitar when it all happens. I just get hot in the cheeks, my eyes tear up and I just sway my head. I get closer to friends with acoustic. Not to be stereotypical but acoustic is best when you camp. I like playing my guitar in the middle of the woods; it just bounces of the trees, mountains and rocks. I get the sensation of being alone with my music but it's even better when you are playing at camp with your friends. It brings us all closer and I think wow.
kaykay1221 kaykay1221
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2012