Leo Kottke? Amazing!

Somewhere around 1990 I was listening to a smooth jazz station, for lack of anything else to do. (Smooth jazz doesn't go over big in my city, and said station wasn't exactly a popular one. It's since disappeared, many years ago.)
The DJ announced a free pair of tickets to see Leo Kottke for the seventh caller (or whatever number), so with a What-the Hell attitude, I gave it a shot...and won!

Now, I'd heard of Leo Kottke, but wasn't familiar with his music. Was I ever amazed! This was right after his "My Father's Face" album was released, and he closed his show with the track "Jack Gets Up". I was an instant fan.

Kottke is a master of slide guitar, open tunings, and innovative chord progressions. He interacts well with the audience, and has a soft, pleasant sense of humor. While many concerts are substandard due to lack of effort on the performer's part, this one was A-1. These tickets would have been well worth the asking price; to see the concert for free was a godsend!
xquseme xquseme
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012