Scene Work

‪TD: So we will speak of more another time. I'll share my scene in which you are standing, with bound ankles and wrists.
‪me‬: Oh my
I should love that
‪TD‬: A blindfold.
and more
Until then
Sleep well
‪me‬: You too, love.
‪TD‬: Thank you again for the e-mail.
Talk soon ;)

me‬: Bye, love.

I've a new Dom in my life.  He burst into the theatre of my life, creating some new dramatic tension and humour all in one fell swoop.  Like most Doms, he loves to give direction.  A bit of a free spirit, I don't usually take well to following orders, but I made an exception in his case because he interested me so darned much.  What followed was quite a nice bit of action.

And now I'm looking forward to the next scene he's planning for me.

He'd spoken with me on the phone the other day.  It was midafternoon, and my people were in the house, so I took a little walk around the block to talk to him.  It was the first time we'd spoken; contact had been limited to very fun correspondence and chat.  I liked his voice.  It was a little hard to hear him at times, though, because of the neighborhood noises and the fact that I just can't pick up all words on the phone no matter how hard I try.  I'm forever asking friends to repeat themselves.  He told me many things about his prior sexual experience, entertaining things that helped me understand his past and his character. 

He spoke affectionately of the women who'd shaped his life.  That's always a good thing to hear.  When one is considering playing a role in a man's life, no matter how minor or brief a walk on it might be, one wants to know that after the show is over, one will not be forgotten or referred to with disdain.  I thought of another man who was quite cruel in his comments about a former lover.  One rule of applying for a job - be it waitressing or acting - is that one does not diss one's former employer.  And it's fair, I think, if the reverse is true as well.  Do not speak ill of someone who has served you, who has performed for you.  You need not sing their praises.  But if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

He instructed me to go into my bathroom when I returned home and do certain things to myself.  Lovely things.  Things designed to provoke a climax.  To look at myself in the mirror and touch various parts of me that triggered wonderful sensations.  There weren't really any lines to learn.  The blocking for the scene involved right hand - two fingers, actually - on nipples, pinching and twisting.  A bit cruelly, in fact.  Left hand was to be plunged down into shorts, with two fingers massaging ****.  Firmly.  Eyes on myself in the mirror.  Then ***, thinking of him.

And of course, since he couldn't be there to observe my acting, I was to write up the way it played out.  It's always sad when a director can't make it to a performance, but I did my best to give him the high points via email.  I'd sent it off and received a response from him shortly thereafter, commending my work.  We'd both been quite weary at the point, enjoying spending time together online, but needing rest.  So he gave me a hint of the upcoming production and sent me to bed, dreaming of my starring role yet to come.
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I envy your good fortune! It's fun to have such an imaginative master. I'll delight in hearing and visualising more scenes.


Good stuff Milky! You seem to be having fun. And I agree - you don't need to sing anyone's praises that you were involved with, but it shows class when you speak generously of someone (particularly a person who was serving you, as you say).<br />
<br />
I look forward to the next update!