Recently I've been into acting. I film myself doing monolouges (particularly mean girls) and idk its just really interesting. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be an actress. I one time or ( multiple times) had the oppurtunity to be in a low budget film. Our acting teacher liked directing movies and he used to work and warner bros. He always cast his kids in the movies which makws me want to go back to the class. Anyway we did a read through audition and I was gonna be this little girl toni, for this one movie he was gonna do. anyway the lead girl quit and he got mad and didn't end p shooting the movie. (So no more movie for me in the summer.) however he wanted me to be in this movie wed be working in the fall of the next yr called unstable. apparently I had the look for it. it was abt a depressed girl who killed her father, but u don't find out its her who did it until the end- ya pshyco thriller whatever. he said I'd probably need a lot of work but he thought I could do it. and he mentioned something abt me getting popular as selena gomez or something I don't know. anyway I wanted to do it.. I read the script.. I also got another script called haunted another movie he was gonna do I really liked the script.. I've looked In my email and can't find it) anywayy I was gonna come back in the fall for the class but didn't. There was various reasons but one of the biggesst was cross country. my school was finally getting cross country and of coarse I wanted to do it. however my mom seemed to think it would be too much to do both and since I had been very depressed tht year (and hadn't done so well in geometry- I think I got a c.) it was all in all a pretty bad yr for some reason depression and anxietyreally affected my school work tht year.) so since I had rly struggled in spanish and math and cried myself to sleep every night she thought maybe doing both was to much idk? apparently I'd have to miss some school or film around my classes idk. so cross country was great... and my antidepressent which I had got on towards in the end of the previous yr really started working everything was good. my classes weren't tremndously hard. but anyway I worry like or more like regret about the missed oppurunity in acting. I had the shot to really see how I'd feel in front of the camera and persuing tht dream. but I didn't really get tht experience... now it would b hard to find tht experience again. I really want to be in one of those "student flim" thing s but ik for most proejcts u need head shot sand stuff which cost money. Ooo ya I forgot to mention I was an extra for a movie tht was filmed near us in our county lol it was a pretty crappy movie but still lol). but ya I was thinking abt joining the class again just for the experience but the teacher is sort of a tough guy. he'd prob b mad at me for bailing on him all those yrs ago. anyway I'm going to the college to be a therapist which I think is really meaningfl. but at the same time I've always wanted to audtion for things. but I hear to be an actress u need a job with flexible hours ( I guess something more like waitressing) since auditons r always on random days. I just don't know how to act as well as be a therapist. I guess I'd like acting as a career to be famous xD.. but being a therapist is obviously more meaningful. I gues acting is just one of those hobbies (especially acting on camera) tht ill just need to find a way to incorprate into my life. okayy tht was long and whiny lol x)
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But it was good! Follow your dreams!
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