I recently just got into acting and I must that it requires critical analytical skills as well as thinking outside the box.

When the movie, "the dark knight" was in production. Heath Ledger, who played the infamous Joker, locked himself up in his motel room for one month to prepare for his role (real dedication right there lol) this is how he was able to convey his character perfectly.

What he essentially did was try to forget who he was temporarily, so that another persona could live through him.

As a critical thinker, you need to be able to cultivate a similar set of skills. You want to understand the argument or position that someone strong believes. You need to try as best you can to put yourself into their head space. You need to identify their beliefs, values, and background assumptions that really motivate their position. You need to dwell in that position for a while.

From that position, you need to be able to faithfully reconstruct their reasoning that leads to their conclusion. The real test of your understanding is to be competent that you could explain the reasoning of the other position to the proponent of that position to their complete satisfaction.
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Aug 18, 2014