Adam Made Me Realize Some Things....

I love Adam Lambert. So much. And if it wasn't for him.... Well, I'd be a total ***** right now.

See, when American Idol started up that season, I wasn't in to it. I was much to busy hanging out with all my cool friends. I was in the kind of group of kids that flung the word "f*g" and "gay" around like it was nothing. "Jeez, your such a ***." "That is so gay." I said these ALOT. I never had a thing against gay or homosexual's, but my friends found it gross, so I thought I did too.

Anyways, one day a friend mine, big christian republican girl, said, "Hey, there's this emo guy on AI I think you;d like." (I was known to be a bit goth and emo at times.) I shrugged it off and didn't say anything about.

But a week or so later, I saw him singing "Ring of Fore" ,and I was blown away. I fell in as much love as I could through a TV screen. When I went to school the next day, I started bragging about how awesome it was.

"Barbara, he trashed that song!"
"It sucked so bad!"
"He's stupid and ruined that song!"

And for once, I didn't instantly agree with them.

I kept on loving him, and when rumors went around he was gay, I was surprised that I didn't care. The only time I complained was when I was talking about how much I was in love with him. All joking, of course.

But, as time went and it was just him a Kris Allen (who I saw as a good singer) my friends started to gang up on me. My text signature was "Go Adam Lambert!" and when they saw it, would reply "Adam SUCKS and is gay f*ggit!"

When he lost, I was devastated and new what was to come the next day at school.

Sure enough, they were firing away at me with how gay he was and stupid. And I tried to defend myself and him and all gays. It was then I realized I was a Pro-Gay Rights-man. I defended them all and said God loved everyone and it wasn't a choice it was a feeling and then, I don't know why, but when someone said "She's just mad cause everyone won't believe whoa she believes." I ran out of the cafeteria and into the bathroom. I took out my cell and cried to my mom and said I was gonna knock the sh!t out of the next person who said something.

Within the next couple of weeks, I started to rebuild myself. I took the words "homo", "f*g", and "gay" out of my regular vocabulary. I started sticking up for gays when my friends talked trash about them. And I held my ground.

It was from then on and I saw myself as a lover of all people.And I told my friends that.

The next school year, I excluded them from group and found people who were on the same side as me. More Young people who say homosexuals and bisexuals and transvestites as people.

Adam Lambert saved me from being a monster.

Thank you, Adam.

arandomworld arandomworld
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2010