My First Concert

OK so as most people know EVERYONE has a first concert and that is the concert that you will remember for the rest of your life. Well when Adam went on tour it was mine and my Friends ambition to go see him, although it would not be her first concert it would be mine and you would not have believed how happy i was when she slipped me a piece of lined paper with my name on it to me in science class saying that we would be going to see the glamnation tour concert. I was stoaked. Adam really is my favorite artist, I like all his songs, there is not a Adam song that I have met that I havn't liked, and having my best Friend who was just as obsessed right there with me was the best thing in the world.
Now I don't know how many people where as totally devastated to hear Adam was gay as I was, but it killed me. I just like many other teenage girls thought he was HOT. And to be honest he still is gay or not. Even if my dreams of marrying him where completely crushed, that did not change the fact that he was the most gorgeous person I had ever laid eyes on.
For those people who have yet to go to the concert Adam was amazing, more amazing than you could ever imagine, Orianthi if you havn't heard of her look her up and Allison Iraheta could not be any better. Their performances where astounding and I wish I could have seen it over and over again.
surfergirl212 surfergirl212
13-15, F
Jul 17, 2010