Adam Is Amazing!

I hate how people judge Adam because he's gay. They can't realize what an incredible artist and musician he is. I love him! He is amazing. See, his season of American Idol is the only one I ever watched completely. I only watched because of Adam. And I said that if he ever got eliminated, then I wouldn't watch the show anymore. I stayed true to that promise. I voted for him, and he didn't win. :(  But that's a good thing, though. Because then he wouldn't be stuck to that stupid contract. 

He does whatever the hell he pleases and he doesn't care what people think of him. I really admire him for that. He doesn't let the media and being famous get to him. He's not in the music business for the money. He wants to make music for the love of it. Adam is a true artist and has a brilliant voice. I love him and all his amazingness.  :)

I'm a proud Glambert. Haha :) 
WhiteSparrow WhiteSparrow
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2010