Love Him

I honestly will never forget the first time I saw him. I had been hearing about this guy making waves on American Idol but back then i didn't watch it. I kinda thought it was a weird karoke show. I saw him when he was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and i thought "ok, this guys cute. But can he sing?" I started to TIVO his performences and I was blown away. He wasnt just a singer, he was an artist. I really fell in love with him after the AMAs. I just thought that it was so cool that this guy was brave enough to do that and not care what people think. The more i researched him, the more i wanted to get into the Rock n roll thing. the Glam Rock thing. I broke out of my shell, reinvented myself and all beacuse he gave me the confidence to do that.    
GlitteryGlamRocker GlitteryGlamRocker
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1 Response Sep 6, 2010

Yay! Adam! I love him too. Good on you for going after your dreams. =)