Totally Hot and Talented

      Adam should have won American Idol. No offense to Chris, but Adam had the awesome pipes. I don't know what America was thinking in voting for chris, he will be just another cute singer who gets lost in the music world because even though he might be popular know, he won't survive in the future. I do believe that Adam will be ok, and come out with a great album. I believe he will stay hot in the music biz for years to come like The Rolling Stones,  Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and Carlos Santana.

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5 Responses May 22, 2009

It's spelt KRIS, and I wanted him to win. Don't get me wrong, Adam is great, but Kris can really sing too. He fully deserved to win.

I live in Ireland so I couldn't vote for Adam. But I would have if I could have. I loved Kris too though. He can sing and he is very cute. <br />
No idol, however, could ever be as good as David Cook. That guy can SING! He is amazing.

I thought tht chris did a gd job, but adam just blew the stage when he sang, he was different and unique. I agree with u, i think adam shouldv won but theres rarely anything fair in these programs.

I so totally agree 100%<br />
<br />
Adam is in a different league than any of the American Idol contestants from this year.

I know, I heard on radio that the Danny fans were pissed that he didn't make the final two, so they voted for Chris. also the teen girls like chris, because they think they are able to snag him, because he's sweet and seems innocent. But I feel bad for those girls, because chris has a wife.