ADAM Should Have Won!!!!!!!!!

I was so shocked when Adam didnt win. Even though the songs he sang on the final pefroamcne show were a bit disappointin I still still thought he had it in the bag. I mean I loved Kris, he had a cute and gorgeous voice. and it would have been worse for me if it was a singer I hated. But Adam was amazing, he was not only by far the best singer but he was sexy, expressive and he could do what Kris did and sing with emotion as well as belting out rock songs. I have always watched American Idol but Ive never been obsessed with it or rooted for someone so much. I sort of try to watch as little of the auditions as possible so I missed Adam then  but in Hollywood week I caught the Adam bug. But I became obssessed with him when he sang I cant get no satisfaction. He was amazing. I really couldnt care less if hes gay, but i still fancy him like mad!!!! What is great about him is that you know he isnt full of himself. He just puts a lot of expression and confidence into his performance But in his interview he is such a sweetheart and he has such an incredibly infectious laugh and personality. I love everything about him. And I am gutted that I cant see the American Idol tour, as I live in Britain. I am such a fan off his thought hat I am considering saving up and flying out just for this concert. Sorry kris but the American idol title belonged 2 Adam. I would hate to think he only lost because he was gay. That would show the unfairness of American Idol.

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5 Responses May 26, 2009

On the bright side, and least he didn't have to record an album full of Kara's songs!

I wanted Kris to win. I do love Adam though. And I don't think either one is a better singer than the other, they are just different.

The game is fixed. They let the mellow guy win but will make money on both of them. It was made a shocker to have the other guy win in order to get more viewers the next time. The ratings are going down and they needed a ditch effort to try and influence the next round of competition. If Lambert had won as expected it would have been boring. I have heard it was for one reason or another and on a personal level but it's in fact all about the numbers.

I couldn't agree with you more, about adam should have won the title, I will miss him singing every week, i have bought his songs and videos on i tunes. He will first be on tour in porltand oregon, at the rose garden, that is only 15 minutes from me!!! But i dont have the money to go. A friend of mine was in great need and i gave the extra money to her that i was going to use to by a concert ticket I guess i wasnt meant to go to the concert but will look forward to Adams albums coming out in the near future. <br />
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Take care and God bless.

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