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 I was shocked when Adam didn't win, and I was told it was because he is gay.  But I voted for Adam every week, and even have multiple email alerts that will tell me when he tours.  Adam may have not won American Idol, but he (in my opinion) is better than Kris any day!

LadyAlera LadyAlera
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1 Response May 26, 2009

I agree. I think it's because he's different, which includes the fact he's gay. I guess too many people prefer people like Kris or Gokey, who are bland, and whom they can project anything they like onto them. I guess some people get uncomfortable when somebody is themselves, and not just generically? Maybe it takes more to like someone who is noticeably different type of person than you are? Either way, i think our country needs to grow up. <br />
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/rant. Sorry. lol I just hate that he won because he was so unremarkable that no one could find a reason to ob<x>ject to him, and so nice that no one hated him, and so christian that they voted for him. He wasn't the best singer, and isn't that what should matter? It bugs me.