Awesome Adam

I absolutely adore Adam, I voted like crazy for him. I still haven't totally gotten over it , but take comfort in the fact that he seems like he has. He is the best that I've heard in decades. I go on You Tube every day and watch him. I constantly play the CD that my daughter made for me.

I can't wait for August 12 when I will get to see him. Too bad I'll have to sit through some performances that I'd rather not. I really can't wait for his solo concert and new CDs.

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3 Responses May 30, 2009

Another thing we have in common angel...I adore Adam and was shocked to the core when he didn't win. But was happy for Kris, who will have a chance at a career, where Adam was going to have one no matter what place he came in!<br />

I agree with sosilly. It's awful that someone as talanted as Adam had to go on a show to be discovered. Adam is fantastic and beautiful. One in a million.

He was not even in the same league as anyone else, He could have skipped Amer. Idol and gone strait to stardom, That boy can preform!!!!!!