Amazing Man Amazing Voice!!


Adam has the most amazingly beautiful voice to come along since Elvis! He was the best thing to ever happen to Idol besides David Cook! I absolutely love David too, but Adams voice is so pure and pitch perfect! I really hated what they did to him on American Idol. He should have won, but he didn't all because he's gay. I stand behind and applaud his performance on the AMA's. It was brilliant and a good slap in the face to the industry!! Noone has really had the balls to do that since Elvis or Motley Crue! Especially someone who just came into the business! I admire his courage! Elvis and Crue defied the industry and look how they turned out!!

Adam will have the same level of stardom! Go Adam!!!

I also love his dark beauty. reminds me of Nikki Sixx and Criss Angel. Hawt!!

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i met David Cook