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I just discovered Adele tonight. I have been hearing her name but I had no idea how incredible she was. I saw her "Rolling in the Deep" video. Watched it 4 times. I am old enough now that I hear so many copied  voices and styles in many of the new singers that I roll my eyes. I seldom hear a unique sound anymore. Adele gave me goosebumps. She is so natural and fresh and powerful.She could sing endlessly without any instruments behind her because her voice is so pure. AND she is a big beautiful, earthy woman. This is a gift. Gotta go find more videos now.
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Only know her by one beautiful image I've seen of her on the internet, will have to check her voice out.

She really has such a unique style and so beautiful hilbilly. Of course that doesn't mean everyone will feel that way. To see and hear her before she got so popular, in her purest form you can "youtube" Adele/Live at Largo.

okay, ladybird. my sister shared with me her copy of Adele 19 and i've gotta tell you, i've been loving it, although it's quite different from Adele 21. it's got more of a reggae or calypso feel, and it's a bit more acoustic in places. still, her voice and style are in FULL GLORIOUS EFFECT!! check it out, i bet you'll enjoy it! :0]

I just watched "Rolling In The Deep". It was good, I've heard it before but forgot about it. I had never heard of her until now, tx. Ima add her to my pandora list :)

I wonder if you saw the live at largo video or the one where she is sitting in a chair? The live video is really excellent.

SHE IS AWESOME !! I never use that word unless something or someone IS truly awesome. I watched the Live at Largo Acoustic video of "Rolling" I confess I have watched it at least 15 times. I am just blown away.The whole package. She is amazing to look at AND listen to. Now I am searching for all her other videos. "Someone like you" made me cry. She was refeeling the pain singing that one. Don't we have excellent taste Woob??<br />

psssst... i hate to yell, but...<br />
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oh man. i finally bought her 21 album. check out "Someone Like You" (the version filmed in her home); and "Lovesong" (the remake of the Cure song)... ooooo! i'm also digging on "I Found a Boy" and "One and Only" from the same album.<br />
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great minds, thinking alike, YET AGAIN. :0]<br />