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Mixed Feelings

That's what I have about Adele on the cover of Rolling Stone. Not that she didn't earn it but she is so naturally beautiful and that picture is not natural. I had to look twice to be sure it was her. I am a purist about some things and that airbrushed Adele makes me a little sad. Next thing you know, she'll be a size 4. I don't just love Adele's incredible voice, it's a whole package for me. I hope she doesn't change too much. Fame giveth, and fame taketh away.
Oddandsingular Oddandsingular 56-60, F 3 Responses Aug 29, 2011

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I like her voice, not the person fat or slim, sorry to say it, like Susan Boyle more

I don't exactly know what you mean by not liking the person. If you know anything about her you'd know she is a fine person with an extraordinary sense of humor and a generous , humble soul. What is your issue with Susan Boyle I wonder?

Have you seen her lately?.....She's really lost a quite a bit of weight. I thought she looked great the way she was, but I guess she's been convinced to try to fit in the celebrity norm.

Yes, I have seen her lately and It makes me sad that she's been assimilated. I thought she was just beautiful. She looked natural when she was a bit heavier. Well, as long as she doesn't have to struggle daily to keep it off, which I'll bet she will, I'll be happy for her.

that picture shocked me, too. i thought it was an old picture or something... she looked so young. i mean, she IS young, but somehow she looked like she age regressed.