She Is The Reason For My Existence

I just want to say I completely obsessed with her music. I listen to her everyday, for hours. I play her songs over and over again. I have all of her songs. I am going through a breakup and her songs feel like they were just written for me and about me. I can greatly relate to them. She is literally my life saver. If it wasnt for her music I dont know how I would deal with the heartbreak on daily basis. I feel like her songs were made to help people like me. I remember the first time I heard "Someone Like You", I actually didn't like it, and I didn't even know anything of Adele at the time, but the words touched me, and I just felt a very weird feeling about the song, that is has some kind of strong significance in my life. During that same time that I heard the song, my ex boyfriend was hugging me and kissing him (we were broken up, but were on good terms and still I guess somewhat trying to make it work). Sometimes inside of me just knew this song is foreshadowing my feelings. And of course, now I find myself singing and listening to this song everyday, feeling every word of it...
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Someone like you , another of my daughters "favorite" songs<br />
I love annotation of Rolling In the Deep, just trying to find the true meaning of it.<br />
<br />
I think most people look to singers as a role, each celebrity singer have their own individual style<br />
Like Taylor Swift is iconic for writing / singing woe is me / bad boyfriend breakup / you lost the best type of song....LOL. My daughter and i were just talking about that b4 she went to school this AM!<br />
<br />
Michael Bolton got me thru my divorce. . . I remember cranking the radio full blast, putting down the convertible top, driving top speed with my hair blowin in the wind , tears streamin down my face and singing / sobbin at the top of my lungs to : HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU?<br />
<br />
Music defines us, our very souls.<br />
<br />
Adele is one of these magnificent artists that has a true talent!

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