The Best Guy

he was one of the best guy according to me because he wanted to rule upon the whole world and i think nobody had dreamt about that and he was the first one to do that and because of some reasons he could not do that i one more thing i want to share with you people everybody say that he killed something around 1 lakh jews in the gas chamber i agree with that what he did was wrong and what about the jews who killed so many people of the aryan race nobody takes that into account and everybody say that he was a bad guy ok i agree that but jus look at the highest level which he achieved he became a dictator from a simple painter guy what could one can achieve more then this do all you people have that in you i think no you cannot reach that level you people only know to blame others and dont have any better work
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The world would have been better without that psychopath.

I don't think there's anything to like about him. Nazi.

I look up to Hitler he was a great man that did what he wanted and that's what I like about him!(:

Total Troll baiting here folks! <br />
<br />
Sadly that's pretty much what EP has turned into lately - "Trolly-wood". <br />
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Ignore this goof and maybe he'll go away, or at least join the Repuglican party.

shut your mouth you stupid cow

Go read your History this guy was a sadist from day one,others also did as well but were not as sadistic.

I bet you think you are righteous with that reply, Go read your history you say?
We did, and we realized how much bullshit is was, History is lies. Not Just Hitler, but our entire History. So i tell you, go and read your true ******* history, pleb.

You are a sad, sick person.

dear, your post is bereft of much more than periods and commas and caps.

This post sucks. I tried to decipher your illiterate text, but still think it sucks.<br />
Ha! You think Hiltler is a great guy because he was successful at his mission???<br />
And Paris Hilton gets Googled like crazy. I suppose she is another one of your idols?<br />
<br />
I blame Maury Povitch.

Hey are you for real - do something good like join the army or get better educated - There is not one person of sane mind who would ever want to agree with you