Please Help Me Understand This!!!

Will someone please explain the purpose or sexual link behind pee pee pants? I see all these stunning young women and I get so hot and wet but then I see a pic where they have peed their pants or undies and I am revolted. If the cute little thing had wet undies from *** or something ... OK that's hot... But urine!? Wtf? Excuse my language... I never try to judge.. I have my own kinky habits but I guess I would just like some perspective I fan try to understand the appeal.
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I cannot address other peoples motivations but here is mine.<br />
I went to a concert a long time ago. Even though I got there early there was no place to spread blanket except close to the porta potties. Now the guys would just go behind a semi that was parked behind the porta's but the girls had to stand in line. It was a 2 day concert so for the first day I would watch as girls queued up to use the bathroom. Most were stoned or drunk or both and many did not leave enough time for the line to move. While female desperation is not exactly my thing, I became fascinated by watching the behavior. First they would stand in line kinda jumping from foot to foot, then they would double over with their fist in their crotch, then usually they would loosen their belt or shift their clothes. Most would make it to the bathroom in time, some would have a little wet spot on their jeans by the time it was their turn, and some would scream as they began involuntarily wetting themselves.<br />
My friends (guys and girls) and I started betting on who would make it and who wouldn't. On the last day a cute little redhead got into line wearing a white miniskirt and a tube top. I have always loved redheads so she really got my attention. She started the routine. Bouncing back and forth, looking distracted, and it was obvious to all of my friends she was never going to make it. The line was too long. I could see her say "**** it". With that she hiked up her skirt showing us all she had no panties on, and a gorgeous full red bush (it was the 70's) squatted right there and pee'd. <br />
I was memorized and unwittingly staring when she caught me. She stared right into my eyes as she finished while smiling at me. She turned her skirt sideways, patted her ***** dry, then turned it back. Stood up, eyes still locked, still smiling, turned, flipped her skirt up in the back giving me a view of her *** and walked away into the crowd. <br />
That was probably one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. I don't know why, it never occurred to me before that day, but ever since watching a woman pee (not spying, but when she is showing for me) will get me hard faster than a *******! I don't want her to pee on me, nor do I want to pee on her. If a woman pees her clothing it just reminds me of that pretty little redhead. <br />
I will go to my grave with the last image in my brain of her squatting, eyes locked onto mine, smiling, and peeing a river.

Don't mix up peeing with the substances which happen when lovemaking for lack of another way of saying it. Peeing to releveing (going to the bathroom) is one thing, but ************ is another thing.

GGGGGHHHHH disgusting action ....not worth the written words

only way to fully understand, is hold your pee, until you cant anymore, burst, have a pee gasm, and when you feel the relief, the warm wetness, the naughtiness<br />
<br />
why you need to ********** in the next few seconds will become very clear at that moment<br />
<br />
plus of course you have, its not taboo anymore, its like "mainstream" hahah, if you will<br />
its very common, legit, and speaks to all of us at a deep level, thats why its taking off so well, no one cares that its pee in your or someone else's pants, exclusion or grossness wise, its just TOO DAMN GOOD ANYWAYS!!! ^ _ ^

I can tell you the last thing I want during sex is someone peeing on me,lol. I had a friend while i was in the military who loved it. I didnt want to shake his hand. I get ore turned on by the thought of the "its wrong" sex than I would having someoone pee on me or in their pants.

get over it, you shake hands with these people everyday, and you dont even know it, plus as a parent or watching them, i mean come on, its fine, its not about the ick, its about the feeling, becomes primary and all of that becomes secondary, bunch of hooblah if ask me...

I know it's wierd and I kinda wish I wasn't attracted to things like this but I just think it's hot for a girl to wet her pants. I've been fascinated by these things for as long as I can remember. Literally as long as I can remember and I'm almost 22 now and still remember certain things fairly well from as far back as when I was 3 or younger (weird I know haha) I don't have the slightest clue as to why myself or anyone else would find this hot. I still think it's kind of gross at the same time. Aside from the fact that it's warm and feels good all I can think of is that maybe there was something that happened at a very young age that I don't remember. Maybe there is something that is buried in all of our subconsciences that we don't know about. I can only speculate. I know it's wierd, I know it's gross, but I still think it's really hot for a girl to just let go and pee herself.

Disgusting thought ,really ...peeing and wetting for short while may be ok ...but when it iexists for a duration it generates rashes ,bacteria and sickness owing to growth of germs on the decay....UGH Ladies get the UTI ...gents get a swelling on the scrotum .Either ,, the urinary tract does not permit such retention across the skin.....

yeah tell that to the thousands of pee sex people, they dont seem really affected do they? stfu know nothing

Thankfully I've never seen that stuffs (:

lol, your right, it is a bit out there, and I just don't get it either.