Lil Ones Bird

Well it seems that I have a very sore and sorry Lil one again . I am amazed sometimes at how well behaved she can be and in the flip of a moment be so naughty and find herself where she is today .
I really try hard as Daddy not to have to many rules that are very strict , however I have a few that I just will not allow to go without dealing with .
( 1 ) Do Not lie to Daddy . That will get my lil one a bare bottom belt spanking fast . A lesson that has been learned well.
( 2 ) Daddy does NOT Like the " F " word and it is NOT allowed period . It Just is Not Necessary . This to will result in quick discipline.
( 3 ) Seat Belt on when Driving. This should be easily understood.

There are a couple more , but I wont list everything . The point is , my rules are not hard to follow .

Recently we were driving and a small traffic Jam happened . Well lil one has had a bit of a temper that we work on settling down . I reminded her that it was not a major issue and to just relaxe and enjoy the trip . I could see that she was getting antsy and frustrated at a particular car that seemed to be trying to slow us on purpose . As we approached the exit , the lady cut in front of us to make us stop and we look over and another guy beside us was laughing . Now if people want to be Jerks that's fine , I have lived long enough that it just does not affect my day anymore . I smile and let it go . Its only when they get to you that they succeed in what they want .

Lil one has not figured this out or her temper got the best of her . As we finally got to the exit she was able to get past and I saw she was mad and knew it was gonna go to far . The " Bird Flew " Yep , My sweet innocent lil one Gave the Lady the 1 finger salute right in front of me . Now , guys like I said I try not to be to hard on rules , But in my book Rule #2 said or implied is same . And we all Know what the "Flying Bird " Implies .

She looked over at me all red faced and angry , saw the look in my eye and went white as a sheet . The realization set in , tears started to form . and excuses started flowing.

I looked and said ... Quiet young lady , not a word till we get home .

It was the longest 10 minute ride of her life I do believe . The Silence was Loud. As we pulled in the drive , I looked at her and pointed to the house . She jumped out and ran in . I carried the items in we had purchased and put things away . Walking into the room I know she had resigned herself to what was to come , she was already in the corner Bare bottomed and tears were flowing.

I called her over to me and sat her on my lap , we talked about the situation at some length . I heard Daddy i'm sorry several times , my temper got away from me . Cuddling her tight and explaining Daddy's feelings on the matter while she clutched my shirt and cried . I then sent her to get my paddle , she brought it again confessing her sorrow and laid herself over my knee .

I wont tell the entire story in detail , suffice it to say , a few minutes later and several loud paddle cracks and we had a bawling lil one with a very red bare bottom standing back in the corner . I believe that the " Bird" will be locked away for quite some time now .

As I set watching the game , and my Lil one grounded to her room tonight on her bed I am so proud of her because she tries so hard to be a good girl and takes her discipline so well when she messes up . I couldn't ask for a better girl .

I hear some noise in her room , better go check ...............................................
Ragingbrat Ragingbrat
36-40, F
Sep 13, 2013