Teaching A Lesson

For the past several months I have been dealing with a co-worker who has been constantly late. And, I'm not just talking about a few minutes late..Im talking anywhere from 1 minute to a few hours late! I have not said much to her, or turned her in to our boss because, she is a single parent who recently lost her husband to kidney failure. She works two jobs and I can sympathize. I've tried talking to daddy about it on several occasions, but he's so pragmatic about things sometimes, only seeing the black and white, that I just brushed off his advice and decided to handle things my own way. Which, looking back now, in reality, was not handling it at all. well, as the weeks went on, it really started to bug me, even though i was trying my up-most to let it go and be compassionate .

One day, I just snapped. I guess I should have seen it coming...but.when dealing with ourselves...we are usually the last ones to spot the obvious. The straw that broke the camels back you ask?....She decided to be about 25 minutes late on a morning she already knew I had somewhere I needed to be, making me so late, I decided to not go to my prior engagement at all.

But, I stewed on it all day, and conceived a plan that would not get her in trouble at work, but still teach her a lesson!! Daddy, at this point was not consulted...After all, I can make decisions without needing his approval plus he was away on a business trip anyways.

So, the next night I was scheduled to relieve her from duty, I purposely went in 15 minutes late, without so much as an "Im Sorry." She was upset talking about how I needed to be "on time" cause I was making her late for job number two. I was indifferent and actually gloated that she was upset. "HA!" I thought to myself....That will teach her to be late on meee. Mission accomplished. Thinking no more about it, I finished my shift and went home. Daddy had come home not too long prior to that and I was excited to see him.

Of course, the first question out of his mouth was, have you been my good girl while I've been away? Not really thinking about work I answered matter of factly yes daddy. Ok, well, have you been a good girl at work? Peering up at him, I knew he meant on time, work done correctly, ect....so, I admitted to the 15 minutes being late but quickly justified it with my reasons and waited for a comment of, well serves her right I spose....But, that's not what I heard at all!! To my utter horror, he was furious with me! I couldn't believe my ears. Wasn't he listening?? Didn't he understand? So, I explained it again, thinking this time for sure, he'd understand. Nope...Even though I was just trying to get her to be on time and learn consequences to her actions, daddy said I was going to be punished!! Not just punished, but severly punished!! After a few hours of crying and begging and explaining again my situation daddy said he would have to think hard about what he was going to do.

A little while later daddy came into my room and offered me a choice, Paddled hard or hard grounding. Now, neither of these sound appealing but, I was happy for the choice, and chose hard grounding.

Typically, when Im grounded its tshirt and panties and I have to stay in my room. I can have the TV and sometimes daddy will do some of the grounding with me, consoling and cuddling me, if Im very upset.
This grounding.....I had to finish all my homework and stay confined to my bed. No TV unless all my homework was done, which he knew would take much longer than my grounding. I started the day with 15 minutes hard corner time bare and a few swats to drive home his point. After this, he led me to my room and pulled off his belt in one swoop. Gently hanging it on the door knob, he looked at me and stated very plainly if I break his rules or my grounding for any reason whatsoever, I will feel this across my backside. RB has felt daddys belt before and would NEVER willingly do something to make him use it. RB is terrified of it and he knows this.

I have to say that this was THE LONGEST day of my life! I spent a whole night and day in my room on my bed only up to pee....He even brought me my food...I was so sick of looking at my four walls and studying germs I could've puked out worms....But Part of daddys rules were, no sleeping during the daytime...that to him..was cheating. I don't think Ive ever felt more punished and naughty and isolated and alone in my whole life than I did with that grounding. I guess it accomplished what daddy wanted though, because I wont ever try to take justice into my own hands again.

Afterwards though, I felt so special because daddy couldn't stop cuddling me and kissing me and telling me how proud he was of me and that he loved me and all was forgiven.

Looking back on what I did, I think daddy was right. I took justice into my own hands instead of reporting her and having my boss deal with her. Which makes me no better than her. Im really very grateful I have such a great daddy to keep me on tract.
Ragingbrat Ragingbrat
36-40, F
Nov 5, 2013