In A Park By The Lake

Her day was long, the phone just kept ringingCustomers ranting and bosses were raging

The car needs new tires, the kids are all sick

Her husband’s out hunting and she wants his ****.

The drive is so slow and the traffic too thick

If she times it just right, it should do the trick

She slides her skirt up, just to her belly

Then reaches down quickly to taste her sweet jelly

Yep, she is warm and getting much wetter

A **** will make her feel so much better

Her fingers find their way deep inside

As she glances over and sees his green eyes

An attractive man, Tall, dark and handsome

Stroking himself into rock hard submission

He watched when she tasted her succulent juices

“Come get it baby, let’s make some music”

Her ***** is tingling, with two fingers deep

Wiggling and jiggling, her g spot complete

She presses her thumb hard on her ****

Then nods in agreement, she needs his hard ****.

In a park by the lake, he leads the way

What a fabulous end to a miserable day

Against the hard bark he presses against her

Her juices are flowing, his fingers reach deeper

His kisses are hot and sexy and sweet

Her hands reach his **** and stroke his man meat

Hot droplets of precum ooze from his tool

As he slides a wet finger over her pool

She moans, she can’t help it, his **** is so big

Her ***** is begging “Please put it in”

Slowly he glides it just through her thighs

Against her wet lips his hard **** barely slides

She grinds up against him as hard as she can

Then gently she takes him into her hand

He watches her kneel and gaze at his ****

Hot lips brushing softly, he’s as hard as a rock

Her tongue is like magic, she uses it well

With quick darts and flickers he’s under her spell

Deliberately teasing she takes it all in

Deep throating his member, he’s throbbing within

This makes her quiver, she even drips ***

She imagines his **** inside her tight drum

“Come down here baby and let’s get it on”

Her ***** needs licking, and so does her bum

Without hesitation he spreads her dark thighs

Then licks her hot ****, making her sigh

She tastes like the morning, all fresh and sweet

His **** wants to **** her, long, hard and deep

With fingers and tongue he drives her near dizzy

Fingering her *** and sucking her *****

Her juices they flow with a sweet sexy flavor

The scent of a woman, the taste of a lover

He sucks on her nipples and touches his ****

Against her large vulva, the key to her lock

With quickness and force he dives in her *****

Pumping and ******* but wanting her tushy

Before she’s aware, when the waves were still mounting

His ****’s in her *** and he’s pounding and pounding

They groan in a song filled with lust and implosion

And climax in sync in one lustful motion

Oh God! That was hot, she needed to ***

And how could she know it would be so much fun

Back to the grind, to dinner and conflict

But now with a smile and scent of his hard ****

Written by, BMuff

BMuff BMuff
36-40, F
Feb 28, 2010