Addicted To Sex With Strangers

Ever since I first had sex in adult video theaters I have increasingly fantasized about becoming a video **** pleasuring anonymous men.Now as a middleaged male I have become that addicted ****.I visit this one place 3 or 4x a week to get on my knees and suck the ***** presented to me.At one time i went sporadically and felt ashamed but now i feel the urge and go there to have my mouth seeded.I feel incredibly horny and compelled to satisfy men.In the last 2 yrs it has taken over my sexlife and I act the role of **** when I go there.I crave it more than ever and realize I have become one of those needy cocksuckers who at one time serviced me.Now Its my turn.
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I know exactly how you feel. When I was in my late 20s - early 30s I became bi, by appreciating theater blow jobs by older guys so I had to find out why they liked sucking me so much. I nearly jismed in my pants the first time I sucked a man! Ever since, I've loved being a submissive **** *****!

I am just a happy guy that loves pleasing complete strangers. For me there is no better feeling than to get down on my knees in from of a total stranger and service is throbing penis with my longing hot mouth. I started when I was about 28 and traveling for business and have never looked back. 6, 7, or 8 in a row I never seem to get enough of that white lava. I can take them one after another or all at the same time makes no difference to me. I have this movie theater I go to drop in a twenty spot, leave the privacy rope down and just wait for them to come though. They don't even have to ask, they know what I'm there for. They just come in, unzip their pants let them drop to their ankles and whip out that raging penis. All my job is; is to drop to my knees and let the sucking session begin. I'm so horny all the time, all I ever want is another man's manhood in my mouth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those men who continue to feed me what I need,
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I'm in Phoenix Arizona

GP - I know the place you refer to. They have the best selection of movies I\'ve ever seen. Thanks for explaining the etiquette there. I didn\'t know that all I had to do was leave the rope down if I wanted to suck some ****. Phoenix has some great places to play. You\'re lucky to live there. It\'s not nearly as easy to find **** to suck where I live...but I still manage to indulge my addiction every so often.

Do any of you worry about diseases? And or bringing one home to your wives? I'm a woman and see men sucking other men in adult theaters. It turns me on and would love to join or help but they seem to suck anyone that will let them without a care about getting a disease. What are your thoughts on this?

That\'s a great question but I think most men that love to give oral to other men will tell you; we have been doing it so long and have never had an issue. You just need to jump in and enjoy the fun. You\'re missing out on all that hot man\'s milk.

Hi Insideout098, It sounds like you really learned to enjoy yourself at your local adult theater. Yeah........ I remember those days of starting out as the one being pleased by all those men. I did that for about a year before I got the yearning to be the please\'er and soon found my place was on my knees with some guy\'s C*CK down my throat. To this day I still hunger for it.

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If you're really concerned about catching an oral STD, why don't you take some condoms with you? Its not the same as without, however I'm sure that you won't get that many complaints as oral from a woman in a theater is not something you can find any day of the week.

I like your honesty. The shame has been the worst part. It's ok to visit these establishments and pleasure or be pleasured. Kudos to you.

I too love to suck ****,and I would rather suck a **** and swallow him *** than have mine sucked.

A man after my own heart! We ought join up and give some lucky bastard a little join service. They love having two c*ck suckers at the same time. So long as you like to swap C*m with a buddy I\'m in.
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How does it work?
Like how do I get into the arcade?

I like to get a little high and go to the **** shoppe, find a hot guy or two and suck them off. So hot being watched while I do thatl

Yes being watched while you service a guys big phucking **** is a real turn on.

I can relate to your desire and commend you on your attitude towards it. I have loved to play in gloryholes and adult theaters for awhile now. Something about the anomimity of it thrills me and I love to be thought of as a little *** ***** and **** to be used by older men for their pleasure and to have my belly filled with their man seed. I have a group of older men (10-15 years older) that I get to plat with at my older friends Larry's house. I am his boy **** for him to use and he allows me to service his great **** and all his friends from time to time. What a great life.

I'm jealous. I'd love to have a similar arrangement, but am hesitant to do it because of fear of discovery (not by my wife as she knows, but by coworkers). You're a lucky man.

Recently I joined an older gay mans social group.Met 2 seniors in the group that also visit the adult theater.Now it has evolved we all play together on weekends.I suck both men's senior ***** til they ***.We watch **** in one of the men's condos and play there.Since the theater is closing soon this activity is taking over.We all french kiss a lot and sleep together in king size bed.I have also received blow jobs by both men and filled their mouths as they are very experienced greedy cocksuckers as well.

Having a group like that would be a dream *** true for me.

My urges to suck strangers ***** are very ingrained now.On average i now go 3 or 4x a week and service from 3 to 6 strangers each time.I feel this intense horniness when i go and a glow afterwards when I have swallowed men's ***.It is my sex life now and for the last several years i have stopped even attempting to date ,men in the normal fashion.In some kinky sense IT arouses me deeply that I have become that needy middle aged ********** who gets off blowing men in seedy places.Many years ago I was blown by that type and realize now I have been transformed into one of them forever.Perhaps it was my destiny all along.

Hello Oralphase; We all salute you. Many of us have traveled that same enjoyable road of being transformed into a hungry glory hole with lips. I love to moan when I\'m on my knees servicing all those horny married guys and I take great pleasure in knowing it will only be a few minutes till my payoff of warm, satisfying man juice is spilling out of the corners of my hungry man *****. Thanks to all those horny phucker that continue to give me what I long for.

There is one older gent I have sucked around 20x.He always looks for me and is married he says.He says I arouse and suck him like no other man ever has.Perhaps I rock his world too as he seems excited to see me.I must admit I love his **** and make sure I deep throat him for all I am worth when I see him.He says my slow frenching of the head then deep suction on the shaft is enough to make him moan and squirm.He can tell I love servicing him and knows I have become very good at what I do.In his words no woman has ever sucked him that way including his wife so he now prefer a blow job by someone like me.

It sounds like my progression was a little slower. I didn't allow another man to suck me off until I was in my late 30s. [I had a lot of religious upbringing to overcome.] A couple of years later, after getting comfortable with being sucked I decided it wasn't right to only receive so I gave my first *******. I was amazed at how natural it felt to have a **** in my mouth. Contrary to everything family and society had drilled into me, it felt totally natural.<br />
<br />
By then I'd been married to a wonderful woman for 10-15 years. If I hadn't met her, I probably would have lived a very different life, but thanks to our close relationship that is ba<x>sed on open and honest communication I don't have to hide my desires. She loves me for who I am.<br />
<br />
But back to our discussion about giving and receiving ******** in adult theaters. I visited one of my favorite theaters recently and received an absolutely wonderful sucking from a total stranger. I had been watching the movies [and the action in the audience] while stroking for several hours when this nice clean cut man [slacks and long sleeve button-down shirt] came over and sat near me. He was hesitant at first to make a move [probably because I'd been sitting off by myself], but eventually he reached over and caressed my leg. When I didn't protest he got more bold and was soon on his knees between my legs deep throating me.<br />
<br />
He had a way of working the muscles in his throat that massaged my entire **** and while my thickness was evidently challenging for him [too much teeth at times] he took his time and didn't rush or try to force my ******. So I got to relax and watch a couple of movies while enjoying his oral talents. When I finally came he gulped it all [I'm a fairly heavy ****** that some guys can't handle] and didn't spill a drop. Then he just kept sucking...even after I was soft. In my younger years his efforts would have been rewarded with a repeat performance or two, but now I'm a one and done kind of guy. So I eventually had to ask him to stop. When I stood up to leave, my knees were unsteady and I had to carefully make my way out of the theater. This guy had rocked my world. I know it's unlikely, but I've love to run into him again.

I also think the deeper urges to suck **** have to be there for one to become like this.Sure you can go there and get blown and might even try a **** in ones mouth.But to do it regularly means some element of bisexuality or more has to be present as its the **** one wants.True straight men do not feel that urge.Those of us that do can become totally cockfixated to the point where we will ignore the most gorgeous gal in front of us to stare at some average guys bulge.That is nature telling you where your preferences are going.When one prefers men exclusively then of course one is gay.There are lots married that still enjoy ***** so I would say they are bisexual.At one time I felt i was one of them but there was always a definite leaning to men.Later on I realized I enjoyed women's company and was really trying to live the straight role without being straight.That double life eventually stressed me out and made me fell deceitful towards women.Now I can be a gay man with female friends without pretending otherwise.Still because i have a family and career that does not know I visit adult places I worry about being discovered.So I have made sure the place I go to is not police monitored or likely to get busted.I could not afford a public shaming.

Yes I agree many of us start out as recipients then progress.I was finding myself more and more in the giving role from my 30s onward as it felt very exciting and natural.Lots of us are made to be cocksuckers but marriage and inhibitions can delay that.It has taken me til my 50s to finally admit that not only am I gay but I am one of those gay men that primarily is a ********** and is completely satisfied by sucking.It is still a lifestyle to keep hidden though due to judgements made by others so lots of us post anonymously to admit our true lives.It is one thing to be gay say and have a steady partner as that often resembles straight marriage.But to be a **** on ones knees in front of strangers is still taboo.Always has been and likely will remain so for the near future.There is an addictive component to it but after awhile like being a smoker it is hard to deny the guilty pleasures offered.You get the urge and light up or you get on knees and suck deep.

You sound like you found your calling in life...late, but you found it. Sucking **** is a lot of fun and playing in adult theaters can be very addictive. I've found that the more I go the more I need to go. It's a challenge sometimes not letting it totally take over my life. If I didn't have such a wonderful wife that deserves my love and attention I'd probably go a lot more often myself. I suspect most cocksuckers start out as recipients instead of providers. It seems to be the natural progression of things. Hope you are provided with an endless supply of juicy man juice. ;-)