The Lions Den Off Of Exit 39 On I-20 In South Carolina

Let me start by saying I am in love with going to adult book stores and going into the preview booths! I found out about the Lions Den this past weekend and had to check it out. Once i walked in i noticed it was nicer and cleaner then most booths i have been to and bigger booths which was awsome for my activites! I go in to a booth and start watching a video i take my shorts off and start jacking off and i hit the buddy button so the guy next to me can watch. He summons me over so i pull my shorts up and walk over he has the door open so i slip in and leave the door cracked. he is standing there with his **** in his hand so i take my shorts off and drop to my knees and take his **** in my mouth deep throating it and licking his balls. He sits down and starts sucking me it feels so good i pull him off of my **** so i can suck his i am bent over with my legs spread and my *** open towards the door and sucking his **** loud so other people can hear me slurp and gag on his decent size ****. i hear the door open then feel someone drive their face and toung in my *** spreading my cheeks and driving it deep in my ***.....i feel him lube my *** and feel his **** press against my hole i feel how big it is i look back and see its a black dude with a massive **** 9.5 inches and thick as a coke can...he grabes my hips and drives his **** deep into my *** as the other guy makes me gag on his **** it hurts at first but then feels soo good he pounds me good and hard showing no mercy on my white ***. as the other guy explodes in my mouth and leaves he lets everyone knows whats going on in there and they come to join and watch the show the black guy shot his load deep inside me leaving me bent over on my knees with *** in the air to let whoever else get some i had 4 more black guys **** my *** and *** deep in side me and swollowed 4 more loads by the time i left i had *** running down my legs from *** and sore but i cant wait to get back and do it again!! and i am an american soldier!
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I only go there once or twice a year on my annual drive to Florida. But most of the time I have had good luck there. I am an out gay guy and happy that there are so many horny men in the world!

Im wanting to go but don't Wana go alone who wants to set up a date? Girls only or married couples. 19yo straight male.
Hmu at my email kynedroid at g mail . Com sorry if it shows up on the tread twice i got locked out of kking123

Im wanting to go but don't Wana go alone who wants to set up a date? Girls only or married couples. 19yo male.
Hmu at my email kynedroid at g mail . Com

Is this a place where a straight couple could have fun?

I often wondered. Is it legal to have sex there?

Hott! Have been there before and had lots of fun? Love to Jo and have people watch and gimme gooood head! Ill be there Tom morn bout 10:30... Anyone wanna play ill be in a gamecock hat

when u go be there

I'm probably in the wrong place- but do **** wives stop by the Lion's Den? Seen it a number of times and always thought about stopping

yes you do! lol

you gotta love the military.

when u go be there

i am an american soldier, as well. so much of your story is MY STORY~~~kikkifaggirl~~~ thank you so much for sharing it....BTW....i'm HARD n' WET!!!

Can you get sex from the woman that work there?