Another Day

I still wasn't married and i was feeling horny as hell. So i decided to take the 1 1/2 drive to the theater. It was a Wednesday around 10:30am when i got there. To my surprise there was 4 cars in the parking lot.(one being the employees) i paid the guy and he buzzed me in. I walked in of the larger of the rooms and it was empty. I sat down for a while and watched the ***** showing, pulling my c@ck out i started to jack off pulling at my ball sack. I took it easy as i *********** not wanting to *** to early. I sat alone in the room for about 10 or 15 minutes playing with my c@ck. I finely decide to go into the other room. I got up not even putting my c@ck away i walked into the other room where gay **** was showing. There were three guys in the room who looked back at me and my c@ck waving in front of me. I sat down one seat from a good looking guy around my age (@ the time 19) i sat and watched the guys ******* on the screen while playing with myself. I kept peaking over at the at the guy next to me who noe had his c@ock out and was jacking it off. It was uncut and not very big but very sexy. I reached over to touch it and he let me so i move over one seat. We sat next to each other jacking off each others c@cks. I looked back to see where the other two guys were. They were standing of to the side jacking one another off. I motioned them go come closer. They did, real close one sat next to me and the other stood in front of me offering me his c@ck. Now i had two c@cks in my hands and one in my mouth. It was great. The guy i was sucking said he said going to *** so i pulled my shirt off as fast as i could.. he planted his seed on my chin and chest. While he pulled his pants up to leaf my first friend stood up in front of me an i took his c@ck in my mouth the other guy leand over and started to suck on me. I had to pull him off mg c@ck because i was getting close. I had him stand in front of me.. i sucked on both ***** till they came on my naked chest. Thats when i felt something hit my shoulder . I looked over and there was another guy who had walked in with a huge c@ck. He was jacking off over my shoulder. I couldnt help it... i had to... i took his c@ck into my mouth and sucked on it while the other two left. I turned around in my seat to suck on this guys monster. It ;didnt take long for him to shoot a giant load on my face. The said thank you and was gone. I left too. Sill not c u m m ing myself. But i left feeling very sexually satisfied. I jacked off when i got home and came to the memory of my time that day.
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There is something desperately exciting about going into a theater knowing that stiff ***** are all around me, and that I may soon be feeling one, or maybe feeling a hand slowly moving up my leg, up the shorts to the bulge of my **** and balls. If other are around when I pull the shorts down to reveal my crotch I have added pleasure from knowing that the sight of my stuff or the flying ***** is giving another man tremendous excitement. No words are necessary.....just ****, feeling, sucking with the hot sounds of saliva-in-mouth

hot storie honey

this was a hot story. just got off reading it.

wonderful post..i'd love to watch you nurse on my ****. it's always hot to be suckled and someone else is watching. i hope to read lot's more of your posts in the future. thanks