Deja Vu - Adult Theater

My wife and I just recently got back from Las Vegas celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary. Had a really nice time over all, basic Vegas stuff but we did one thing I NEVER thought we would do!

Shortly after we got there she realized that she forgot her silver bullet (vibrator) at home. Said we HAD to get one soon. "Sure no problem" i stated. "I'm sure there are plenty of places around here to get one." So I kept my eye out when we were driving somewhere and spotted one place that looked decent called Deja Vu. Had a ***** club and what looked like a very large toy store.

Later that night after she was pretty lit up from martinis i reminded her we needed to stop by there. So we hailed a cab and off we went. As we walked in i noticed a sign that said Arcade and Adult Theater. She said"OOo..lets go!" Well i wasnt about to turn that down:)

I walked her down the hall to the individual booths and showed her around. Didn't see too many occupied booths in there. The theater was locked so you had to pay to get in. She still wanted to check it out so we went to the front and paid our $20. and the clerk buzzed us in. There were three fairly large theaters with pretty nice chairs and **** playing. Surprisingly clean rooms. We stuck her head in each one. no more than 2 or 3 guys in each one. I was about to lead her in one but she stopped me and said " but there is a guy ************ in there". I explained that was kinda the point:) but picked another room anyhow.

There was only one guy seated in the back we took some seats pretty much in the middle. She immediately straddled me and we started making out and kissing. Within two minutes another guy entered and took a seat two down from us. I moved the package in the seat next two us and he took that as his cue to move over right next to us.

She just smiled real big at him and continued kissing me. Next thing i knew she stood up and and shimmied her panties down around her ankles while this guy watched and threw them on the chair next to us, then she jumped back on me. I was beaming:) Thinking this is about to get fun!! I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down over her ****. So at this point she is straddling me with the skirt pulled up over her hips and dress pulled down below her ****. and we're still messing around sucking on her ****, playing with her ***** a little etc.

She whispers to me "hey - that guy next to us is ******* off - then she just kinda smiles". Then she smiles real big and says louder so he can hear "I think he wants some of me honey". .Doesn't sound like much in the story but SOOOO damn sexy at the time! I guess it was because i didn't know what was going to happen next. I talk to him a little bit asking him what he thinks about my wife and so forth. Of course he goes on and on about how hot she is and how lucky i am, what a great body she has etc. At some point, not sure if he asked or one of us suggested it but the subject came up of whether or not he could touch her. Said it was up to her but she insisted it was up to me. He then asked if he could just touch her leg. I said "of course, go ahead, as long as she is okay with it." He rubbed her leg for a while her and i continued making out and messing around. And then he eventually started cupping and massaging one of her ****. I was still okay with it as long as she was but I could tell that she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

I could tell she wasn't as excited or feeling it near as much as she was in the beginning so i told the guy to back off and take it easy. I went ahead and told her to go ahead and get dressed so we could head home. I didn't want to push things and have her pissed the next day:) As we were walking out i noticed the original 2 guys had turned into about seven seated throughout the theater. I announced loudly "damn baby - look - you created quite a crowd!"

In perfect form as she exited the room she pulled the top of her dress down flashing her **** for all to see and said "bye guys" .What an exit:)

All in all it was nothing too crazy or wild but certainly a fun adventure and one i wasn't expecting!

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5 Responses Sep 25, 2012

damn hot for sure! Very Wild if you ask me!

Awesome story!

Hehe, great story, I bet she DID surprise you! :)

I know one place I will be visiting on my next trip to Vegas. LOL. I always go alone...

I've visited that theater, fun times. Next time rent a private view room in the back and you can watch thru the window while guys get off watching, or maybe invite some in to *** all over that hot wife of yours.

damn - didn't know anything about a private view room!