Had My 1st Bukakke Experience Today At The Theater

Went to my favorite ABS with a theater in it, in downtown Phoenix. Made a point of wearing only a tank-top and some basketball shorts with some slip on loafers.

When I walked into the viewing area showing the gay films there was only two other guys there jacking off. I found a seat between the two of them and started wacking off along with them. after about 20 minutes there was six other guys came in and started doing the same thing. I felt the urge to slip my tee shirt and shorts off and get down on my knees as I jacked off. One by one the other guys started coming up to me and started standing in a circle around me. As I started to suck each one of them off all of a sudden I could feel one of them cuming on the side of my face. I immediately pulled back and just knelt there on my with my eyes closed. One by one each one of those guys shot their loads on my face while the others were egging them on to give it to me. It was the hottest experience I ever had. Far as I could tell it was only 9 guys but it was my first BUKAKKE experience ever and I can hardly wait to repeat it.

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I've never been able to not open up and swallow - I'm rock hard right now thinking about all that ***

You should try.......after the first time........it's great!!!

oh **** me..all that ***..jeez

Cool, and all my accident!!!

Marvelous! I enjoy that special warm feeling myself. Never had that many at once though - two is my personal best. Would be great to hear more experiences like this. Have you done this before?

Thanks It551! Yes, I've done it a few times but it's difficult to find a gang of uninhibited guys willing to give you a gang *** shower in a public place.

No doubt! But a theater like that is good spot for it. I especially like the part about the urge to slip off your shirt and shorts - and kneeling is the best position for that. It's funny how you don't have to do any coaxing - the guys standing around know just what to do! ;)

Very true.............. I think once you undress and get down on the floor it's pretty much an open invitation for them to walk on over and empty their load on you and I'm always happy to play the *** bucket...............

Closest I've *** to that was at the Bijou in chicago - got nude, on my knees sucking four guys but I only got on load

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Wow. I'm extremely jealous!

Thanks kick76! Hope you get the pleasure of experiencing it yourself some day.