Moving Out Of State

I'm on Craigslist going through the room for rent ads, pondering on how much I'm going to spend, resources for artists, and facts about public transpertation (since I don't drive.) and how far San Fransisco is away from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. You see I'm moving out West to California. I need and want a new and better atmosphere. I love the East however I need to expand my horizons. So I decided to move to San Fransisco later in March of 2013, since I'm going to be in Montreal for the Holidays. For months I have been surfing the web looking for other cities that cater to artists, and the metro way of life and so far I've been and visited a few places such as; Texas, Washington DC, Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Maryland, Virgina, Florida, and so on. I'm still on my search on what city to live in and right now since I hate the cold weather, I'm choosing San Fransisco. For now. If I don't like it out there then there is always Seattle, Portland, Arizona, or Vancouver. I had people tell me that Berlin is a great and cheap place for artist and I'll keep that in mind, but I don't speak German. Then there's always Paris, London, hell even Argentina and Brazil. Why am I willing to go the distance to find a city that I feel suites me, where I can settle down and rest easy? Because I'm a travel writer, and amature photographer. This is something I love and enjoy doing. Until then - I'll continue looking for a real job.
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Check out San Diego CA and small towns on the west side of Costa Rica.