My Adventure to Mexico

wow this was my best adventure,one that I will love to talk about forever,well I was hanging out with this rainbow brother named whatsyourname,so funny,I love his name,anyway,Him and his girlfriend wide up talking me into going hichhiking to the uqtan(sorry for the spelling)its where the mayon temples are,well he was the only one of us who could speck spanish,,,,he was so bossy,and wanted to run the whole show,me I am very indapendent,and can not stand for a man to think he has got to be the man and look out for us,which was funny since he did very little to help fin off the bums that were trying to feel his girl friend up in the train station,strange place,I tried to tell them to stop that ,we ended up get split up in mozalon,,I was by my self for three months down there my family did not know where i was,so anyway lived on cocanuts for a week,man that was very bad,,,,I jumped off a train going 35 miles an hour,,,and got up laughing about it,,,the army want to keep me there,they loved me and I love them Mexicons I love how they are so into there familys,,,and two year old babys go past the chruch and bless the Father and Mother of heaeven,,,I love that too,,,,and the people were very loving and giving,,,,,well thats all for now mary

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laughter is great healing medicine,,,once I was at the most majical place I have ever known,,,,in 1996,,,at a Rainbow Gathering ,,,this gura was trying to get people to walk on the coals,,,so I just walked over there and walked right across the coals,,,I get to the other side and I am standing on a hot coal and it is burning my foot,,,the gura trys to get me to come back across but I refused and I told him why do you want me to come back across there when I am being burned right now,,,he jumps over the coals knocks me down and starts laughing,,,and I look at my foot and I have three bister in the shape of a triangle,,,deep buns in my foot,,, I pick mysef up and walk to the water ohhhhhhhhhhh that feels sooooooooo good ,,,then I look up and see this tent and they do massage and reiki so I think I will go and see if they can help me,,,,I could not stand that for five seconds ,,,,back in the water ohhhhh thats better,,,there were people everywhere,,,I stayed in the water for a little while than I got to laughing and I couldn't stop,,, cause I was so happy to see Gods people around me like that,,,well I noticed that as soon as I got out of the water the pain was gone I looked down at my foot and the bliters were gone too,,,that was real majic,,,,cool,,,,love and light mary

Nice story!! I always say, Thank the Lord for a sense of humor. WE ALL NEED TO LAUGH MORE XOXO

What a great story Mary. going straight in the library! =D<br />
I would love to know if you saw any of those Mayan temples in the end! I'm afraid I'd probably have been a bit like whatsyourname. I can be far too overprotective.

What a nice experience that is Mary. Hopes for you always have such beauties for all your life. But please try to rise your mystic energy and knowledge, too on the other hand. Will you? :-))