Why I Don't Drink Pepsi

I was in Africa. I needed to get away for a while so I booked a ticket and two days later I was baking in the Saharan heat. My destination was a small town on the fringe of the Sahara. The taxi had no seat belts and the driver knew no English. We drove in silence. We weaved through the mountains at an accelerated rate. The 300 ft. drops and blind corners didn't seem to phase him.
The land is parched. Cracked and brown. A small river flows through the valley allowing select plants to flourish. He makes an abrupt stop at a cafe. Men wearing long robes and turbins stare at me from their seats. I look down to break eye contact. The driver swiftly enters the shop and returns only a moment later. He is holding a pepsi. The man hands me the soda and motions for me to drink. I hand it back. He refuses to take it and continues to motion that I drink. For some reason I felt rude. This man had just purchased me a drink. He had given me a gift and I was refusing it. I took a sip as we continued down the road. A few miles later he became more insistent that I drink motioning for me to chug. I felt pressured and continued to sip the Pepsi. Suddenly it became very clear to me why he was so insistent that I hurry up and drink.
Tingling began to make its way down my legs and arms. My heart began to race as I realized what was happening. I had been drugged. I became increasingly dizzy. I tried to convince myself that this was in my head but the sensation did not go away, it intensified. I slammed the pepsi onto the middle seat and demanded "What did you put in there!". "Just Pepsi" he responded in broken English holding his hands up to personify his innocents. I stared ahead thinking of what was going to happen next. I would wake up hours later bloody on the side of a road. All my personal items would be gone including my passport. I wouldn't know where I was or how to get help. I regretted going there.
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I work at a restaurant and we serve pepsi instead of coke. Now I'll remember your story as I serve these fatso's their fill.