Sears Night

A few years ago, Amber and I dared and double dared each other enough that we both spent the night in Sears.
Our Sears is in a mall and there are no indoor security guards at all - in the mall or in Sears.
When it got close to closing time, we both got under a rack of dresses in a corner and stayed there until the employees left.
I went straight to the stereos and put us on some music, then we started playing.
We tried on clothes that we would never wear. I tried on a lot of women's clothing and Amber tried on a lot of men things. (I have to say I looked pretty weird in negligees.)
We played with tools, watched every television at the same time - sometimes on the same channel and other times on all different channels.
There was little that we didn't examine and/or play with.
When it started getting close to opening time, we went back to our hiding place, then waited until the store got a bit crowded before coming out.
They never did figure out who made the mess. We broke nothing but left everything where we finished playing with it, so that the employees wouldn't be bored the next morning. :)
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

Wouldn't there be security cameras and an alarm, so walking around the store would trip the alarm?

Oh, I'm jealous. I would LOVE to do this. Too bad my mall has guards and stuff. :I

I thought you would like that story.

That sounds like sooo much fun. lol :)