Into Matchmaking,

Hey my name is Lisa. I am into matchmaking. Why do we need this, so many people are separated or divorced. I really feel that everyone should try to date before they say no to a relationship. I will tell you some tips that I have found useful in dating.

Here are some things to consider,

You know you want to find someone but you aren't sure how to start,

consider trying to talk to people that share a common interest with you, make sure they are interested by asking them, ask friends to find people for you to talk to with common interests and find out what all you have in common. (it can be more than one thing)

try to get to know the person's family, who do they say they are most like, why?

Ask them about their hobbies, are they anything like yours or something new to you?

Ask them if they think they want a relationship anytime soon, if they are married and not separating then don't consider them for a date, find some other people. If they don't sound interested, ask others instead until you find some people.

Make sure they are very close to your age, make sure they are not related if you can. (If they are this could be bad for your kids.)
(don't date people related to you)
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Jan 9, 2013