So for awhile now I've tinkered with Photoshop (originally PS7, but now CS3 and CS6). I pretty much taught myself how to use it, but then I came across a program that completely opened my eyes to the way that graphic and motion design was produced.

Although I'm still learning how to use AE (currently have CS6 w/ Trapcode Form and Particular), it's going pretty well so far. Fortunately the layout and menus are similar to that of PS so it makes the transition that much easier.

I'm working on a project currently which will test my rookie knowledge of this program, but so far so good :)

Anyone else a fan of AE?

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No - I've always been a Photoshop girl. But do tell more after you've had a chance to work with it a while. :)

It's a great program Lady - very robust and difficult to master so everyday is a new challenge. FYI - this isn't my profession btw, just a hobby.

I wondered - thought maybe you'd changed it up on me. Lol. I'll have to check out the program. Thanks for the heads up.

AE is about 10000000 times more difficult than PS so be forewarned lol

Hmmm.....I'll have to tackle that when I am overloaded with time then. (Like that'll be anytime soon. lol) You should have discovered this back in 2009 -10 when I sat at my desk all day bored out of my mind! Haha.

lol I would've called you lazybones in 2009

But it was a paid 'lazybones' gig. Lol. And you were too nice to call me names anyway (at least back then.) *giggles*

lol@ back then.


smart *** lol

You just now figured that out, babe? ;)

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My daughter is a graphic designer, I can ask her if you want. I know she uses Adobe something. I`m not up on this stuff. Sorry.

Cool thanks DEG. It's a fun program once you learn how to navigate it. Certainly not for the average every so often user however.

Sounds like great fun....I am such a rookie....I'm still just messing around with PS

And what have you created thus far?