Its Old Fashioned But My Grandmother Always Loved That Kind Of Thing

we would have morning and afternoon tea on the farm. 

she would boil the jug and have cakes and biscuits and sweets for us with tea or coffee or orange juice, fruits like cut up melon or a fruit salad.

I like to have a iced tea in summer here but just as often I have a normal hot brewed tea

this afternoon we had some tea and orange madeira cake .. I try to avoid the cake most days but sometimes its nice when we are out we stop and have a tea and share a slice of carrot or banana cake or a muffin etc. 

the best ever were the banquets they put on at the hospital .. they were always delightful ...
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Syrup Apricots with Toasted Madeira and Orange Cream<br />
<br />
Syrup Apricots<br />
<br />
6-8 apricots – halved and stone removed<br />
Store purchased madeira cake<br />
Syrup<br />
1/2 caster sugar<br />
1/2 water<br />
1/2 white wine<br />
1 teaspoon vanilla essence<br />
1 tablespoon brandy – optional<br />
Orange Cream<br />
200ml cream – whipped to a soft peak<br />
1 tablespoon icing sugar<br />
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence<br />
Finely grated zest from half an orange<br />
<br />
METHOD<br />
<br />
Gently combine all syrup ingredients except brandy over heat until sugar has dissolved then simmer for five minutes<br />
Add apricots and summer for five minutes or until just soft. Remove with a slotted spoon<br />
Gently boil syrup for five minutes to concentrate flavours. Cool slightly then return apricots and add brandy if desired<br />
Combine icing sugar and orange zest with cream<br />
Lightly toast slices of madeira cake under the grill<br />
Assemble onto dessert plate with apricots and orange cream and drizzle with a little of the syrup<br />
Serve for wonderful summer colour and flavour!<br />
<br />
Recipe and photo supplied courtesy of Summerfruit Australia

I like going into the hospital cafe and seeing all the young doctors there ... they seem so clever and cute.