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I Want To Be Daddy'S Princess

i'm a 23 year old female that has always had a fetish to be kept dressed in pretty dresses, headbands and tights by daddy at home. I want to be his little princess that serves him in every way. I love to be held and carried (I'm 5ft) and bounced on Daddy's knee while I'm stuffed.

I believe a little girl should obey in and out of the bedroom but the issue I have is that the Dom's I meet are far more into slave roles that daddy and little girl, if you want to role play, add me :)
runninghippy runninghippy 22-25, F 5 Responses Mar 28, 2013

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nice. I'll be your daddy. add me or message me on yahoo at totalltim2

Would love to bounce you on my knees while you're "stuffed."

this Daddy will do all that is needed to ensure that you behave like good little girl.

I love the picture you paint of daddy and his little girl. Keeping you at home dressed in pretty dresses while you serve daddy and be a good little princess would be divine.

I would enjoy role playing with you. I would love to hold and carry you and stuff you while bouncing you on my knee. That's hot! You mentioned your height but not your weight, how much do you weigh?

115 lbs and C cups

Very nice! Let the games begin.