Two Wolves

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, jealous, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, truth, compassion, and faith.

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, " The one you feed."
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Yes, I love this story and re-read it as you requested. Wise words. I'm compelled to add this... Judgment and self-loathing can only destroy. It has no capacity for healing. Judgment and self-loathing are like twin psychopaths. They have no empathy and therefore no love or compassion and therefore no fertile ground for healing.

I read your story a couple of years ago & I have to say that I still love it!

True that. It is important to take note of which one of these wolves we feed more than the other. I think the bad wolf will never die and go away but we need to learn to watch for it and maybe feed it scraps when it behaves itself. :-)

giggling... like good boy thingie? Yup, the bad wolf can sneak right on up before you know it and it consumes the soul. I don't like that .. at all. Yes, the bad wolf never dies, it's part of us. Yin and Yang of life.

Yes! The Chinese have practiced this for Centuries, in their Martial Arts, a Tool of War. Your Master teaches, first: You must get your Mind Right, before you Battle, or Caress your Wife.

In times of Battle, In times of Fear, In times of the Hunt, the evil Wolf must be fed.
In the Camp, with the Wife, the Children, and Friends, you must feed the Righteous Wolf.

Not only the philosophy of the Cherokee, but most Indian Tribes, and more so, as they had to fight the enemy.....guess who? I am part Choctaw, and my Mother taught me this History. Never let the Wolves die. You will need them, both. Don't let them fight each other. You will know when the time comes to loose each one.

The Indian Warrior is taught to give his Wife Ownership of all he owns, as on day, he may not return.

I get it but so many holes in it.

Holes... thinking... I reread again... Nope, don't think so. But I am glad you got it.

I remember this story. I've had to have a lot of 'classes' where in that story was taught regularly. It's a good metaphor. My grandfather had one. He said, " If a man calls you a horse, laugh at him. If two men call you a horse, ignore them. If three men call you a horse, stock up on hay!".

Wow Puck.. huh.. your reply here is dated in Feb.... I think I had the Winter blues bad.. plus I was beginning a new life style that ..can kick

Yup, I like your grandfather's saying... Nice and easy. *smile* Thanks my friend.

Is this where the "Hay Maker" came from?

i thing the winner is the man or woman who enjoy to do all he (she) likes and found correct in total freedom

That sounds nice. Works for me... but Do No Harm.

Love it! This is so true...:)

At the moment, I am running through the bad wolf's list. I see no end in sight... Yet.

I hope the good wolf has come padding gentle through the snowy forest to find you and curl warm at your feet again by now..?

Wraithorn's reply up there.. got my attention to this great story. I then noticed the date I replied that I was not doing good. *smile*

All this time, since Jan.... I have not been back to this story. huh?
To answer your reply NomDuJeu2... That was a real nice thing to say... and yes... but my feet are bare, the sun is hot and life is "good!"
Thank you!

You must always be stronger then your Wolves. You must care for each one, as the day may come when you need them. These days and events are not far away.

How can you see nothing but bad wolves, if you never look for the good wolves.? When someone fails to look, they never see. A Person can have a job they hate, because they never tried to Love it. This is how we conform our two Wolves. We must learn how to control our Wolves. We need our two Wolves, to survive, both Love and Fear. We must be good and kind, but we must also defend ourselves. It is our duty to know how to control our Wolves and finally learn, that Both Wolves, Individually, are a Good thing, if we are able to control the Power of each of them.

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no,they are two sides of the same coin,you only have to change the coin with acceptance,tolrence and coexistence

Yes! True *smile*

thanks with gratitude

So true

and sometimes so hard to do!

I like the way this was put. Very nice. :-)

*smile* So do I. Thank you.

very right as it is your own mind when it is in the world then evil wins and when into his ownself thengood comes out

well put! Yes!! Thank you for reading and leaving this reply.

thanks with gratitude

I love this. It is so absolutely true. Simple truths.

but not so easy to do... with practice.. it still is not always possible.. but we are only humans ;-)

Never heard this before. Thanks for posting. It does a good job of describing how I try to live my life (feeding the good wolf) and I believe I'm pretty good at that. My trouble is in refraining from feeding the bad wolf, particularly anger. When I see the evil being done in the world I try not to be angry, hateful, vengeful and I know those feelings shorten my life and do not help me or others, but it is so hard and often I'm not strong enough. Thank you again, you are a wise woman.

What a wonderful reply/comment. Yes, I relate to your feelings. It is very hard to refrain from feeding the bad wolf .. life is challenging to say the least. Thank you for your words and reading. Blessings to you

I have seen this altered into many forms... but it always included the good and bad list/emotions. I read this the first time years ago...?2004... I still carry the words and picture of two wolves with me. It was a life lesson. Thank you!

That was a wise man. I enjoyed the moral of the story.

Yes, I too love the moral, lesson this offers. Thank you for reading and your comment.

So true

so true and so hard to do! Thanks for reading.

I like it.Thanks.

Good, I love it myself. Thank you for reading and ..liking it *smile*

so true

so simple of a truth but not so easily done at certain moments. but it is a daily choice we all have. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment. Take care hotcrossbun...giggling.. your username makes me *smile*

your user name brings a smile :)

I like this, as well...
Pls take a look at my profile, and then consider adding me to your circle. Thx.

Thank you for reading.. and yes, I will go check you out.

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Thank you for reading and leaving your message. Take care

wow like that and to be your new friend too

Thank you goodoldboy for reading and commenting.

could you add me please

Inside every human good and evil .... But my question of who wins inside his son?
Madam .... Family .....
Environment .....
. The mind
All of these factors in building either for good or evil

Oh.. yup... I get exactly what you are saying. Without a doubt all of the above play into the making of.... if.. you are good or bad.
I had three strikes against me, down and out gal.... BUT I made my choice to be good it did not come from my mind, that helped win me over to the good side ... the thoughts I can get when the bad wolf is .... awakened.... I won't go there. It was my kind of soul/heart in me... that simple.
Thank you! I loved your comment, wise question, thought. *smile*

i enjoyed a lot reading this

*smile* good, I enjoy it every time I read it. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

That said a mouthful, would love to know you, would you consider adding me?

Thank you hoselover58. Sorry about not replying till now. Life is ever changing and so am I. Busy as a bee.

Will you consider adding me?

It made me smile when I read it. Beautiful truth.. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Eros.

I kept this posted on my desk for 30 years then lost it and sadly could not remember it until today thank you for bringing it back to me, this time I believe I will try putting it into practice.

I have these words under a picture of two wolves. It's yellowing now after all these years. Thank you Milesne.

do I detect a touch of Minnesotan in your speech?

huh... giggling... Minnesota n, from the state or test? There is a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It is a test of personal and social adjustment based on a complex scaling of the answers to an elaborate true or false test. *smile*

yes I am quite aware of the test and have taken it a few times for jobs, but no, I meant the state. all of the wisdom and funny too, I like that. lol

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Love it... I really enjoy fables from native American culture this one is great... ty... :)

Thank you. I understand and relate to most native American culture and wisdom.

So nice.

Yes, it is. Simple things, thoughts but very hard to apply in life at times. Thank you


I've always thought so! Thank you.

Beautiful and so true.

Thank you for sharing.

Its something we all should realize.

Everyday I have the choice to feed which one I wish to be the stronger of the two. Today... I'm thinking.... ;-) Thank you.

personally.. I like the one filled with love and caring

... and I do too! *smile* Good morning Traceavery


great story

True story! Thank you.

Yes I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict and have heard this story many times. For years I fed the wrong wolf but now know I don't have to live like that anymore and feed and nourish the good wolf daily!

I have had times that the bad wolf does not like it one bit when I am giving so much nourishment to the good one... so.. at times the bad wolf tries to get the best of me! ;-) I am proud to read your comment, blessings to you Scotchieman!

I had read this many years ago and had fed the 1st wolf all it would take. I am now a recovering alcoholic and am feeding the 2nd wolf. My life has improved a thousand percent do to this change in lifestyle.

what a wonderful thing to read, LookforPearl. Yes... you keep feeding that good wolf and.. life will reward you! Thanks for reading and commenting.

lovely qoute.. <3

Thanks RamblingLove! *smile* I think it's pretty fancy myself!

i do believe so and infact now would want to express and play with my demons too for they only get more restless when you do supress them .. i d like to seek a good balance .

This is one of my favorite stories - really hits the nail on the head.

yup... we all have each one in us.. the bad and good wolf. Thanks!

Yes my Great uncle told me this I am part Cherokee my mother use to say yeah your Cherokee name fits and i ask her one time why and she told mee because i was as mean as ten bears my Cherokee name is Johnny ten bears

giggles... Well hello Johnny Ten Bears! My great-grandmother was full Shawnee. Take care

And i also am adobted by th Sioux tribe

But it is a very nice pleasure to meet you

Wow! Truly ageless wisdom.

that's what I said when I saw this for the first time

wise words !!!

It inspired me the first time I read it ...yearS ago. Thanks!

I love Native American Quotes...

I'm very happy. I'm wishing you the Happiest New Year's ever !!!! Love, DonDon

Thank you. right back at you!

you are so right we choose either the good within or we can choose the evil we are always haveing to make a choice when life asks us a question we must choose be it something greater within or the evil within our darkside lol you are so right honey

Hello my friend! Thank you. I know you try with all your might to feed the good wolf, I see how good your heart is!!! Take care

i am trying you know always have to listen to my dark side but i refuse to act on it ,bad you know,you are a loving heart as well,take care hugs vinny

really nice, thank you...

Thank you for reading and commenting. Blessings to you.

thank you vinny

I love it. I LOVE it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I . . . . love it ! Thank you so much for that. It is part of accepting yourself it seems to me. And that is something I have been taught to do 'recently' (recently in whole life terms ). I do hope you stay here and find the experience helpful and supportive.

Put too much time in here on EP, ain't going no where. I have a few stories, I have the gift of gab. *smile* Thank You!

Awesome well thought out story!

lordy be... I just came out from a spell I had by not controlling my bad wolf. I don't like feeding that bad wolf. It's down right mean and full of hatred. Stupid is as stupid does. BUT!!!! *smile* that was then and the here and now... I am as calm and good as I can Be! lol... Thank you.

cool story
cool chick
my name is sach
I would love to connect............

today I feed the bad wolf!

AND.... the bad wolf is feed well... so it can grow to be strong and proud!

Look at you with your humour!
Very funny, but you need to respect the king
I am not a bad wolf,
the opposite
my breeze chick...............

you may not be but I am!

I haven't forgot about Mrs Breeze! ;p

.... and you are still the King! *smile* good morning oh... that's MISS Breeze

Good morning babe;
how you doin?

That kinda ****** me off,
I gotta change that

you are!? LOL... *smile*

well yeah,
think of me as a good guy with the bad wolf in me............
the arrogance must be fed, so msg me

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Suggest you title this story RAGNAROK

God and the Devil wages war on the land... huh.. yes!!

love this story it is one of my favorites, so glad I found you !

Well Thank You. *smile* Have yourself a blessed day.

great story - can stop feed both of them ?

huh.. stop feeding both of them? wow... no way.. You would be part of the walking dead. Surely you wouldn't want that?!

Our attitude towards life can have a good effect on people. I am Divorced, but I can still Love, even though I am single, now DON ( wanting a true friend )

Thank you. I have always been a loving soul BUT It took many years for me to "fall in love" again. I have been blessed these past months. I wish you many blessing as well.

I want to meet you RL Don in Georgia

What a wonderful lesson.

Yes, a valuable lesson. Thank you!

Cool story ... love wise allegories :)

Thank you. I love wolves as well. Plus love American Indian wisdom.

Absolutely ... we have lost so much with anal specificity and consumerism ... how do you escape? It costs a fortune to live in Australia. I really don't know how young people get ahead.

... how does anyone escape? ... By living life inside your own mind and making your own reality. *smile* I have no idea how young folks get ahead. I've been trying for too many years. Still all I do is get-by. I work hard and keep trucking on down the road. Blessings to ya.

You too ... :) ... just having this very convo with a friend (a flesh and blood one lol).

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Feed Me. I'm hungry for you DON

DON? huh... *smile* Peace, love and joy.

this is so true, what we feed and nourish grows and evolves...

Hi my friend! *smile* I work hard everyday to keep my good wolf the strongest one. Blessings to you Shenightowl!

very good, theres a simular Chinese fable about two Tigers, thanks for sharing, Tim

Thank you. It's nice to know that Ageless Wisdom is through out the world! ;-)

There is a lot of truth in this. :o)

Yes. I have fed both wolves in my life. The power of each, ..are equal, as powerful as the other. I made my choice long ago, which one I wish to occupy my soul. *smile* Thank you Take care

Classic. Ty, more should read..few will get it.

Oh they will understand ... just won't apply, believe in it. I think we all are aware of the good and bad. They do carry the same strength, power over us. It's a choice! Thank you for reading. Take care.

I agree most know right from wrong..but hopefully it will be applied. Far to many are more concerned about what is in it for them... Hope the choice is made for more then themselves.

Oh! This one is my favorite.

First I got it in a Newsletter from Debbie Ford. And since then its a worthwhile reminder and Feeder to the Good Wolf in Me.

Thanks for the Post :-)

Thank you! As I said below... yup, it\'s my reminder how important this story is when it comes to words of ageless wisdom.

MorningBreeze (love that name), Thanks so much for posting this again. It was a good reminder to see, know someone for whom this will be a timely bit of wisdom to ponder.

Smooth sailing to you, in your time away from the EP community that you have made so many contributions to.

May the blessings you receive each day, be the ones you need the most.


Thank you Victoria. This remains as my feature story because I myself need a constant reminder! Lately my bad wolf was out in full strength. Luckly, I am loved and shown just how much. My good wolf rules


I tell no lie here. I worship these words of wisdom. They are my foundation to my everyday living. That is why it remains up as my featured story. It is that important.
Thank You for reading and commenting. *smile* Take care

We all fall for the wolf in sheep's clothing. And then feed it as it is that we seek after....

wow! what a thought but so true. guess that is when wisdom to see beyond what eyes can't. For seeking after such bad traits... nope... I may feed them unknownly, I am only human. but I have the will, the heart to seek the better side of life.... Love. And i've been around enough to see past the veil of evil. I liked your comment, deep and insightful... to say the least. :) Thank you.

Hello my friend MorningBreeze,I heard a similar story years ago.I'm glad I ran across it.Apparently you shared it in 2010.Love,peace and blessings to you.Warm hugs.XO Mary

Hello Mary. *smile* Yes, I post this some time ago... even on another site I have written on. It means alot to me and of course it is worth sharing such ageless wisdom. Thank you!! Take care my friend... XO

I think you will like this.I have it as one of my stories.

I will check it out. Thanks!! Have yourself a blessed day.

Berangere.... Wow! Wonderful music! Thank you, I loved it. Yeha Noha.... *smile*

I have always like this one........

Of course, it is my favorite of all. I try so hard to live by it. sometimes that bad wolf comes out... that is when I throw out much thought to the good wolf... it natural takes care of the bad wolf... eats it right on up. ;) Thank you for your comment.

This is just a really great story.

The best! It is my guide line to a happy life. Thank you

That was wonderful! Wolves have a special way to them, don't they. Thank you my dear friend!!! (hug)

I remember this story. thanks for sharing!

Thank you... ;) you are welcome.

Thank you for this reminder. You're an amazing friend to us all!

Ditto my good friend! It changed my life when I got this right.

Hits me right where I live.

yes... me too. I do walk the talk! Thank you, blessings to you Christopher27

Thank you. Need all the blessing I can get.

Ageless wisdom.
Thank You so much for sharing; kind Lady.

I do walk the talk here. thank you for commenting my friend! have a blessed day

I know you do!
You help guide the rest of us.

Hi nice to meet you

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

Very good

Hmm, it's my post so I think I would love to tell you how important this is, the lesson here. I just came from my hometown to see my old friend and mother...sidenote.. Mother and me have some bad history, I have let go of it all but still scars remain... Anyways, this weekend was one of those times my choice to feed ..which wolf? Enough said, I went into pray to my Lord and Lady, calling all Angels to lift me up high enough to be able to feed the good wolf. After a spell I went inside, when I returned, I felt the peace, understanding without judgement!!!! That put a big old *smile* on my face. My choice will always be to feed my good wolf with whatever it needs to be... top dog! ;))

sooo true!

hi! these days, my good wolf is well fed and it is strong . thanks for reading and commenting. Blessings to you.

He is so right! Thanks for posting!

Yes, he is totally correct. that simple too. Thank You for commenting my friend.

Thanks for sharing. Made me think though I'd read this earlier... :)

Thank you for running by and reading. :)

sometimes little things like these small ideas... change one's perspectives... and gives a lot of hope... when apparently none exist...
glad to have run into you... :) hugs

My mother used to tell me that story when I was younger. I have always loved it. :)

i cherish it also. the first time I read it, it brought light into my life. never have found any poem, quote nor short story that says it any better.

I like that story. Im Cherokee myself and i think its completely true.

without a doubt, it IS true. quite simply, easier said than done too. but i do believe, and try so very hard to walk the talk!

Walk the talk?

yeah... if i can say i believe, talk love, peace....... then i best follow-up with the walk...acting out the talk. *smile*

Oh! *Returns smile* i get it now

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I always liked that story:)

me too. it holds true.

So we have to make the conscious choice to feed the good wolf.

yes, that is exactly right. thanks for commenting.

Oh so true.

yes it is! Sometimes I ignore the feeding process... but I do begin again. Have a good day my friend.

I love this story. It is sooo deep and so true. We do choose which to feed~ it is the choice that defines who we become. Bless you. xoxo mini

yes it does. blessings to you too.

His grandfather is very wise. Thank you for sharing! :)

Good Morning. I hope someday that my Good wolf is fat and sassy! Thank you for commenting. *smile* Real nice to see you. Take care

So apt and so very true,thank you for sharing this with the EP community. :-)

my pleasure Garvan. I have study those words, tried with all my might walk the talk! *smile* ain't easy but rewarding.

Thanks for posting this story, it has been awhile since I have read it. And it is something we need to keep close to our soul.

yes it is, to remind us how simply things can be if we only... feed the good wolf! Thank you. Happy Holidays!!

So true!

it sure is but ... lately due to my work .. and no play... I have been feeding that bad wolf. BUT I stopped. *smile* Happy Holidays

I love this story!

Thank you. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care FoxKid!

thank you for sharing

Glad you enjoyed, thank you!

Beautiful parable,heard it before.The devil and divine are both within us.We are that which we become,unless a conscious choice is made

we are who we think we are.... thank you! it ain't always easy to be good... don't ya know.

We all know what is right but go on doing the wrong things, because we are unconscious.To be conscious or to be aware is arduous.Slowly deepen your understanding and things will become easier.

Yes, it gets easier.... but not easy. *smile*

Yes dear,not so easy.*smile*

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One of my favorites, thanks for sharing. xx

oh... the pretty daisies with blue centers... how cool! *smile* Yes, hillbillycrone.... it is really that simply! xo

Love this!

Thank you, have a blessed day! Take care

Quietone, yes it is very true. It runs with the same ideas of ...The Law Of Attraction! What we feel and think becomes so!<br />
<br />
Wanderingsage, hello. you are one of the first that befriended me. *smile* So profound and simple too. <br />
<br />
Wyn, sure! I was given this old story by a dear friend in my time of need, still hangs on my fridge today. It's the first thing i see as i wake up and get my milk out for my coffee, great thought of the day. *smile*

May I use it in my book? I am trying to collect & write down all the things that help me get through this life day by day. I find that native Americans were more wise in their teachings then anyone could have truly known. : )<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing. <br />