The Qabala Tree Of Life ... Flow Of Perceptions

The Qabala Tree of Life .....FLOW OF PERCEPTIONS





The Tree of life is a graphic representation of the dynamic process of becoming.  There is no real hierarchy, no fundamental level of description.  Rather, there are different levels, each dependent on the others in complex ways.  Higher levels feed back strands of information to lower levels, back to new higher levels, and so on.  Rather than describing a world of things, it describes process structures and emphasizes relationship.  It describes hidden formative principles, and a webwork of multiple perspectives.

 Analogous processes of transformation in consciousness lead to insight and creativity.  Each moment in the therapeutic process, as in all life, reflects all others in the past.  Each therapeutic image contains a fractal-like representation of past, present, and future.  The transformation of imagery reflects in creativity; transformation of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes and behavior.

The story goes that around 4,000 years ago an angel gave the Qabala and Tree of Life to Humans.  Though the glyph has gone through a few permutations through the centuries, it's essence has remained intact. 

Curiously, this matrix describes the exact geometries of the nucleus of atomic structure as described by Buckminster Fuller in Synergetics. 


By "looking within" the qabalists correctly deduced the primal structure of reality without any recourse to modern science and technology. 

Apparently, the angels spoke the Truth.  This is the essence of Synergetic Qabala.


In the tree of life … consciousness and matter share the same essence as different expressions of the same reality.  The tree of life … describes the evolution of the laws of nature, the evolution of our perception of nature.  In this view there are no absolutes, no fixed laws of nature, only a relative stability. 

The laws of nature are evolving because nature is creative.


This universal dynamic creativity is also the domain of the Qabala with its consciousness map, the Tree of Life.  It presents a holistic image of emergent creativity, a webwork of the interaction of various spheres of influence, and the complex feedback loops which bind them to one another.  In terms of consciousness, each sphere (hypersphere) represents a discrete state of consciousness, and each path a transitional phase, or transformation. 

Aspects of the system can be entrained through resonance …...

Every body placed in the luminous air spreads out in circles and fills the surrounding space within infinite likenesses of itself and appears all in all.                        

 --Leonardo da Vinci
46-50, M
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A real topic of interest to me,good post,thank you for sharing.

you're welcome Garvin :)

Great read. I love the way your mind runs. Take care.<br />
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The High Priestess is a symbol of Spirituality.... balance and Peace. With her by your side comes patience and intuition. There is a quietness, hidden mystical ways to be released.<br />
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Blessings to you Madhatter.

hopefully you use knowledge to help others heal .. =)<br />
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"With this 'Collective Consciousness' you can 'cure people, you can give them Realization as I have told you and also you can feel the Kundalini of any person in the whole world; and cure the Chakras of that person. You can tell the condition of another person far away by sitting down here. Wherever your attention goes, it works thereby your attention becomes Universal. A drop of your attention becomes one with the ocean of the 'Sat-Chit-Anand'.<br />
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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi<br />
Sat-Chit-Anand, 15th February, 1977 at New Delhi, India

You have been studying and contemplating......... I am pleased my friend.<br />
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May your Blessings increase !