The Sounds of It All

I have found a few things that just bring me back to the state of childhood excitment and one of them is parking my car at the airport and watching the planes come in and take off.  The sounds of them all, the loud booming echo as I roll down my window each and everytime I see another one about to leave or come in.  My best friend and I sitting there and chatting away, only to get silent and in awe of the next 747 to come in to land.  I have only been on a plane to travel round trip twice in my life, but the memories are as vivid as if they happen regularly, and I cannot wait for my boyfriend to be sitting there beside me when the take off begins and your going flying down the runway.  I love it all.  Perhaps I should be a pilot.

fulloflovetogive fulloflovetogive
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2008